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Housing guide: What to expect when you’re expending — typical living costs beyond housing

(02/26/20 6:15am)

If you’ve never lived on your own before, budgeting for living expenses on top of rent can seem overwhelming — especially if the closest you’ve come to budgeting at Rice is planning out how to spend your Tetra. The main costs you can never really escape are food and utilities.

​XXXTentacion disappoints with new album “?”

(04/11/18 8:35am)

In the past year, XXXTentacion has expanded beyond his SoundCloud following to become one of the most controversial artists in popular music. Despite (or maybe because of) X’s notoriously violent reputation, his latest album “?” debuted at number one. His disjointed second studio release is aptly titled, as it will leave listeners puzzled. Speaking as someone who has been listening to X since well before his major label releases and has enjoyed his music (while being appalled by his real-world acts of aggression), I’m confident saying that “?” is weak. The album’s popularity may stem from public fascination with X’s assault charges or his overall edgy and reckless brand, but it definitely is not a reflection of its quality.

Chris Rock’s humor remains rock-solid in ‘Tamborine’

(03/07/18 5:48am)

Chris Rock has been a huge name in comedy for decades now, and his latest standup special suggests he’s capable of staying relevant for years to come. The Netflix exclusive’s unconventionally spelled title alludes to a recurring joke in the show: Relationships are like bands — even if your role is as simple as playing the tambourine, stick to it and play passionately. While Rock admits his failure to be a good bandmate, which led to his divorce, he is as successful as ever as a comedian. In addition to relationships, Rock touches on race, parenting, gun legislation and religion. Effortless transitions make it possible to address this breadth of themes in a one-hour timeframe. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where one subject ends and the next begins because of how seamlessly they succeed one another. Moreover, Rock possesses an alchemic gift for transforming the seriousness of these topics into seriously funny content.

​MGMT comes of age with fourth album, “Little Dark Age”

(02/14/18 5:57am)

After MGMT’s successful 2007 debut, “Oracular Spectacular,” which included their most popular songs, “Kids” and “Electric Feel,” their subsequent, more experimental 2010 and 2013 albums departed from their initial sound and never gained much traction. Their latest release deserves a significantly better reception, but “Little Dark Age” still doesn’t shine as brightly as their first hit. Nonetheless, MGMT presents a mature return to pop with some standout songs and meaningful themes.

FLO Paris: High Quality at a High Price

(01/31/18 7:06am)

Rather than the traditional “R.I.P,” the three letters on my Tetra’s tombstone will now be “FLO.” Granted, writing this review meant visiting Salento’s successor more than a typical student would or sustainably could. It does, however, seem absurd that spending less than $10 on a drink and snack requires about as much creativity and precision as tattooing. Nevertheless, I made my way to Brochstein Pavilion after an 8 a.m. class. As expected at 9 a.m., it was fairly empty and the sun was streaming generously through Brochstein’s floor-to-ceiling windows. The only change FLO Paris has made to the space is the counter in the center of the room. You interacted with Salento’s cashier at a waist-high gap in the 5-foot wall that contains the kitchen and staff. Now, you place your order with a glass shelf stretched between you and the server, and the food displays are far out of sight.