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Monday, April 15, 2024 — Houston, TX

Hallie Jordan

NEWS 5/22/12 7:00pm

Effort to build Centennial House succeeds

This summer, Artissue Flowers and her two children, ages three and five, will move into their new 1,300 square foot, three bedroom house in the Fifth Ward. Her new place of residence, though, is anything but ordinary.

NEWS 4/4/12 7:00pm

Music meets world of the art gallery

Looking for a new experience and hoping to better engage an audience, Shepherd School of Music doctoral composition student Robert McClure will bring a music composition to a gallery art space, in a non-traditional performance held at the Orange Show in Houston next Friday, April 13.

NEWS 3/29/12 7:00pm

MOB to move out of OEDK

After moving from building to building and basement to basement over the past several decades, the Marching Owl Band and the other band programs may finally find their home in the old Autry Court.

NEWS 3/13/12 7:00pm

Beer Bike seeks blanket tax increase

Rice students are known for their steadfast devotion to Rice's most famous tradition, Beer Bike. However, next week, the second round of the SA Spring Elections will test whether students are willing to back up their support of Beer Bike with their wallets.

NEWS 3/7/12 6:00pm

Writing center to open in fall

Next fall, Rice University will implement a new writing-intensive initiative in which freshmen will be required to take a writing-focused seminar, and Fondren Library will be home to a new Center for Writing, Oral and Visual Communication.

NEWS 2/14/12 6:00pm

Student email set to switch to Gmail

More than a year after Rice and Google began conversations about a potential switch from Rice Webmail to Gmail, the university signed an official contract with Google on Feb. 1 allowing student email accounts hosted by Google. The switch was approved by the Student Association Monday and will be implemented over the summer.