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Tuesday, May 21, 2024 — Houston, TX

Special Projects

SPORTS 2/27/24 10:51pm

Women second at indoor T&F conference, men lag behind

The men’s and women’s indoor track and field teams competed in the 2024 American Athletic Conference Indoor Track & Field Championships in Birmingham, Ala. last weekend. The women’s team was just two points short of first place behind the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, while the men finished in sixth place. 

SPORTS 2/27/24 10:51pm

Owls finish third at AAC Swim Championships

Rice Swim competed in the American Athletic Conference Swimming and Diving Championships in Dallas last weekend. Out of the seven teams competing, Rice finished third overall, scoring a total of 593 points and improving on their fourth-place performance from last year. 

A&E 2/27/24 10:47pm

With ‘Practices of Attention,’ Rice students explore capitalist ruins

Anyone who has walked through Sewall Hall in the past couple months has inevitably seen the words “ARTS 477: Practices of Attention in Capitalist Ruins” written in big, bold lettering on flyers displayed throughout the building. The class is part of a larger project associated with the Moody Project Wall piece “Practices of Attention” envisioned by Angela Chen, a lecturer of art in Rice’s Department of Art.

A&E 2/27/24 10:46pm

Review: ‘The Taste of Things’ explores the culinary world

In recent years, food has become increasingly commodified and diminished, at least in on-screen depictions. The allure of perfectly curated dishes on TikTok and other social media apps has desensitized us to the simple pleasures of good food — when everything looks picture perfect, nothing feels particularly special. 

FEATURES 2/27/24 10:36pm

Vivian Phillips ​​takes center stage

Vivian Phillips is polyphonic — whether writing a story, performing at the Riot Comedy Club or competing at the Miss Bayou City pageant, she knows just what to say. She first found her passion for English at Vassar College, a liberal arts college in upstate New York, before transferring to Rice her sophomore year.

FEATURES 2/27/24 10:33pm

Ruth Simmons stays true to herself

Ruth Simmons’ career has taken her all across the country — from Houston’s Third Ward to Smith College in Massachusetts to Brown University where she became the first Black female president of an Ivy League School and back to Houston again. 

FEATURES 2/27/24 10:30pm

VADA explores Bay Area art

While many Rice students spent their midterm recesses studying, visiting family or lazing about, juniors majoring in Visual and Dramatic Arts  — now simply Art —  had an excursion to California’s Bay Area, exploring their prospective futures in the visual world.

FEATURES 2/27/24 10:29pm

Colleges go green recycling O-Week themes for 2024

Preparation for next year’s Orientation Week has already begun. Advisors have been selected and co-advisors have applied. Themes have been announced and, in one case, re-announced. Argue with your friends over which are fantastic and which shouldn’t have made it past the drawing board (or out of the recycling bin). 

OPINION 2/27/24 10:17pm

Beyond Fondy 24/7: advocating for fairness

An editorial “24/7 Fondy presents more cons than pros” published Jan. 16 raised valid concerns about the potential drawbacks of Fondren Library operating 24/7. However, this argument barely scratches the surface, overlooking a critical aspect — the well-being of the dedicated staff who operate the library. 

NEWS 2/27/24 10:11pm

New environmental engineering B.S. introduced beginning 2024

A new environmental engineering bachelor of science degree is set to begin in Fall 2024, according to an email sent out to civil engineering students. Currently, environmental engineering is included under the civil engineering program, but the launch of the new program will formally separate the two programs into different degrees.

NEWS 2/27/24 10:08pm

BCycle reopens on campus after hiatus

Rentable bike share stations reopened across campus the week of Feb. 12 after a temporary suspension in December 2022. The stations were reopened through a partnership between Rice’s Campus Services and Sustainability division and Houston Bike Share. 

NEWS 2/23/24 9:04pm

SA presidential debate centers around budget

Student Association presidential candidates Jae Kim and Trevor Tobey discussed their vision for the presidency and the SA at the Thresher’s SA debate on Monday, Feb. 19. Candidates for secretary and treasurer, the other contested elections, also took the stage during the night.