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NEWS 4/18/13 7:00pm

Owlspark receives $200k grant for entrepreneurship

OwlSpark, Rice University's newest organization to further entrepreneurship by Rice students, recently received a $200,000 grant from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. The funding will go toward social entrepreneurship ventures that will be added to the program this summer, according to OwlSpark co-founder Veronica Saron.

NEWS 3/13/13 7:00pm

Undergraduate tuition announced for 2013-14

Another year means another tuition increase. Undergraduate tuition will be increasing from $36,610 to $38,260 for the 2013-14 school year, according to Vice President for Finance Kathy Collins. Although tuition continues to rise, its rate of growth is decreasing, Collins said. "This is an increase of 4.5 [percent]," Collins said. "Last year it was at 4.9 [percent]. Prior to that, it was 5.3 [percent]. Every year is its own year and its own decision. The trend is slower growth." Collins said the main expenses for the university are paying faculty and staff salaries and that recent building construction has increased facility maintenance costs. "The main sources of revenue to the budget are the endowment and net tuition revenue," Collins said. "Tuition is not going to support the cost of the colleges." According to Collins, financial aid will increase to reflect the increase in tuition. "Rice has maintained need-blind admissions," Collins said. "[Rice] fully meets financial need. Two-thirds of our entering class used financial aid. Rice cares very much about affordability. I think our financial aid policies reflect that." Despite the increase in tuition, Rice still costs less than many peer institutions and is ranked No. 2 for best value, Collins said. "For Rice students who come from lower income levels, there are no loan requirements in financial aid packages," Collins said. "We've limited the loans that we require to $10,000 over four years, which is a great deal compared to other schools." According to the Rice University press release, total cost of attendance, including mandatory fees and room and board, will be $51,950, a 4.1 percent increase over last year. Duncan College freshman Sean Lee said he understood the reasoning behind the increase. "The biggest jumps in tuition started after Rice wanted to become a larger and better university," Lee said. "I think we can expect increases in tuition if we really want to attend a top-notch institution." Managing Edtior Molly Chiu contributed to this article. 

NEWS 2/20/13 6:00pm

Harlem Shake strikes academic quad

The catchy beat of recent viral hit Harlem Shake by Baauer permeated the warm air in Rice University's academic quadrangle Feb. 17. More than 1,000 Rice students, some lured by rumors that sprinter Usain Bolt would make a showing, came to the impromptu recording of the popular meme, according to event organizer Clayton Chaney. 

NEWS 1/30/13 6:00pm

Blanket tax review committee presents recommendations

The Student Association Blanket Tax Committee aims to deliver recommendations to campus organizations, but some disagree with how the process was carried out. On Jan. 28, the committee presented its report to the Student Senate in an attempt to review the financial figures for major organizations on campus and ensure blanket tax money was being properly used to serve Rice students, committee member Krish Ramineni said.

NEWS 1/9/13 6:00pm

Tudor to be next board chair

Rice University's highest governing authority, the board of trustees, is getting a change in leadership as Bobby Tudor III (Hanszen '82), namesake of the Tudor Fieldhouse, succeeds Jim Crownover (Hanszen '65) as its next chairman.