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Tuesday, May 24, 2022 — Houston, TX

Arts and Entertainment

A&E 3/8/22 11:10pm

March into these artsy events

A wide range of ways to experience art are available this month, from theatre performances to museum exhibits to local pop-up experiences and community events. Looking at art can be a great way to go beyond the hedges while also learning about and exploring potentially interesting endeavors and subjects this March, from romance to the rodeo to Houston’s roots. 

A&E 3/8/22 11:08pm

Senior Spotlight: Grace Vincent discusses artistic performance through her own lens

Grace Vincent may be a natural entertainer. As soon as she could walk and talk, she was drawn to the world of stage performance, and, over the years, she flourished into an accomplished ballet dancer and thespian. Vincent’s love for the performing arts led her to pursue filmmaking and dance theater at Rice, with the ultimate goal of crafting meaningful stories for her audience. 

A&E 3/8/22 11:06pm

Hobby takes their “shot” at Hamilton production

There is little left to say about “Hamilton,” a show that received 11 Tony Awards and captured America’s attention for the middle of the past decade. The only thing I can contribute, then, is my experience of the production of “Hamilton” running at Hobby through March 20. It’s an enjoyable performance that checks all the boxes even in the original’s shadow.

A&E 3/8/22 10:44pm

Review: ‘Euphoria’ season two redefines authentic storytelling

After years of delays, Sam Levinson’s Emmy-winning hit, “Euphoria,” returned to our screens in full force. Picking up right at the tail end of the winter break established in the special bridge episodes, viewers find the characters attending a New Year’s Eve party, where old habits die hard and new ones find their way into the fold.

A&E 3/1/22 11:31pm

Review: Dave’s Hot Chicken heats up Rice Village

Dave’s Hot Chicken opened in Rice Village this past weekend, and alongside free shot glasses and temporary tattoos, they delivered some fiery sliders and tenders. The location is adjacent to Velvet Taco at 2525 Rice Boulevard and has plenty of Rice decor on their walls to appease their majority customer base. 

A&E 3/1/22 11:28pm

Rice Music Collective fine tunes their sound

Last semester, the Rice Music Collective created the Tiny Nest Concert, compiling the talents of 25 student artists under soft purple lighting in an intimately staged apartment off-campus. A play on NPR’s Tiny Desk, the video series of 22 musical performances was released over a period of six weeks. Since then, the club has continued to attract attention from musicians and non-musicians alike as they arrange events to showcase student talent. This week, the Thresher caught up with some former Tiny Nest performers to hear about how they became involved with music, their experiences in the club and the projects they’re currently working on. 

A&E 3/1/22 11:27pm

John Devereaux talks ‘Hamilton,’ returning to Houston

Houstonian John Devereaux is taking the stage at the Hobby Center as a member of the ensemble and a swing for the production of “Hamilton.” Running at the Hobby Center through March 20, the show has brought Devereaux back to his home city and the theater where his interest in theater was sparked.

A&E 3/1/22 11:22pm

Review: ‘Love Sux’ is a delightful return to Avril Lavigne's pop-punk form

Listen up, everyone, because the princess of pop-punk has done it again. Avril Lavigne released her seventh studio album, “Love Sux,” and it’s everything I wanted and needed. It literally transported me back to my angsty early teenage years, but this time I can actually relate to her problems. I might have been sick in bed before listening to this album, but it had me up dancing around my room even before the second song. Even at 37, Lavigne’s vocals are as strong as ever and feel like they were plucked from the 2000s. A far cry from the slower ballads in her often forgotten 2019 album, “Head Above Water,” which even I only listened to in the midst of writing this review, Lavigne’s “Love Sux” experiences a delightful return to her pop-punk form. 

A&E 3/1/22 11:17pm

Black Art at Rice: Mignote Tadesse discusses motivation and art

Mignote Tadesse, a Lovett College junior, aims to incorporate more life and human experiences into her art, primarily working with oil paint on landscape images. Throughout her creative process, she draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, from Monet to her family portraits, and reflects on balancing art with her classes and schedule as a pre-med student.

A&E 2/22/22 11:19pm

Review: ‘Once Twice Melody’ provides wealthy, brimming harmonies

Baltimore-born synth duo Beach House released their first self-produced album on Feb. 18. Written over the course of three years, “Once Twice Melody'' is a four-part kaleidoscope of timeless yet transient melancholia and one of Beach House’s most ambitious projects to date. Of the album’s 84-minute run time, keyboardist Victoria Legrand said, “We discovered that there was something more that the record wanted than just a 10-song existence.” Though “Once Twice Melody” fails to maintain the steady surety of the duo’s breakout release “Bloom,” the album preserves wealthy, brimming harmonies worthy of a corresponding light show. 

A&E 2/22/22 11:16pm

Review: ‘Tall Girl 2’ manages to fall below audience expectations``

Netflix recently released a sequel to their original, teen rom-com movie “Tall Girl” on Feb. 11, so of course I had to write a review. An important thing to note going into this review is that I’m an avid watcher of movies in the same vein as “Tall Girl.” From “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” to that one movie where Bella Thorne plays a girl that’s allergic to the sun, I’ve definitely seen most of those nauseatingly cheesy, bad acting, rom-com flicks — I have a 14-year-old sister that I’ve always watched them with, what can I say? 

A&E 2/22/22 11:12pm

Books to read as told by Rice students

Caught up in the unending pileup of mid-semester schoolwork or the infinite scroll of social media, it can be difficult to remember the days when reading was for fun. Even though college may be a busier time than before, it is important to continue making time for reflective hobbies and engage in pleasurable growth. Hopefully, with one of the recommendations collected from fellow Rice students below, you’ll be able to re-engage in the joy of leisure reading and discover a new book to check out.

A&E 2/22/22 11:10pm

Celebrate Mardi Gras in Houston

Mardi Gras is the culmination of the celebrations from Epiphany on Jan. 6 to the day before Ash Wednesday known as Fat Tuesday, which is “Mardi Gras” in French. This reflects the practice of eating rich, fatty foods before the beginning of Lenten fasting season. The holiday has French roots, it is celebrated in the United States, especially in cities and regions with traditionally French populations such as New Orleans where their annual festivities in the days preceding Fat Tuesday attract locals and tourists alike. Here are just some of the ways to celebrate Mardi Gras in the Houston area for those interested.

A&E 2/22/22 11:08pm

Boots on the Ground: Artists to check out this rodeo season

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is right around the corner and Houstonians are dashing to Cavenders to perfect their Western drip before descending on NRG Park in droves. While many of the best parts of the radio stay the same (mutton grab, deep fried oreos), the musical performers change each night, with a total of 20 artists over the course of 20 days. If you’ve missed the rodeo due to its cancellation over the last two years, here are some performers to consider checking out and my personal recommendations.

A&E 2/22/22 11:06pm

Jillian Conrad’s public art installation ‘Hydras’ debuts at the BRC

Reflective of the Rice interdisciplinary spirit, Jillian Conrad, a Houston-based artist, collaborated with Rice University’s Robinson Lab to create her latest exhibition, “Hydras,” which combines the intricacies of visual art and cutting-edge nanotechnology research. “Hydras” will be on display at the Bioscience Research Collaborative through May 28. 

A&E 2/22/22 11:05pm

Live tattoo show is ‘Self Care’ for artist, audience

Adriana Amaris, a Sid Richardson College senior, gave a closing night performance for their solo-exhibition “Self Care” at Sleepy Cyborg Gallery on Feb. 18. The show consisted of two parts: a collection of eight mixed-media art pieces inspired by tattoos and the tattooing process, followed by a live tattoo show held on the last day of the exhibition, where Amaris tattooed two of her friends with artwork featured in the show.