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A&E 1/30/24 10:28pm

Review: ‘The Zone of Interest’ is a chilling portrait of evil

Films about the Holocaust face an impossible question: How are we meant to render such an atrocity? Countless filmmakers since the end of World War II have tried to answer this question, some – like Steven Spielberg in “Schindler’s List” – answering that we must try to voice its individual stories as much as possible, and others – like Claude Lanzmann in his 9 ½ hour documentary, “Shoah” – answering that it is ultimately impossible. 

A&E 1/23/24 10:00pm

Review: “American Fiction” presents a refreshing blend of satire and drama

If you’ve been watching movies these few years, you’ve probably seen Jeffrey Wright. He was Commissioner Gordon in “The Batman,” reprised his role alongside Daniel Craig in “No Time To Die” and played smaller characters in two Wes Anderson movies. Across all these performances, he has been consistently excellent but always limited. Fortunately, “American Fiction” finally allows Wright to take center stage — an opportunity that he capitalizes on, providing a thoughtful and hilarious lead in first-time director Cord Jefferson’s dramedy.

A&E 1/23/24 9:57pm

Senior Spotlight: Abramson exhibits biology through art

To Liliana Abramson, art has the potential to be an avenue of education. A double major in Biology and Visual and Dramatic Arts, Abramson has long been interested in exploring the intersection of biology, research and art — an endeavor that recently captured the attention of the Houston Chronicle.

A&E 1/23/24 9:17pm

Tomás Morín’s ‘Where Are You From: Letters to My Son’ explores Brown identity in America

​​Writing to an audience that does not yet exist — some may think it’d be a bit tricky. In his latest book, “Where Are You From: Letters to My Son,” assistant professor of creative writing Tomás Q. Morín sets out to do just that, writing a series of letters to his, at the time, unborn son. Letters that, as Morín puts it, “offer advice and personal perspective on issues of love, growth and the future his son will have to face.” Morín discusses how he, as a person of color, inhabits the present day in America  — and what it means for the landscape his son will be born into.

A&E 1/18/24 12:55am

‘Ferrari’ gives a high-octane account of automobile giant’s eccentricities

Michael Mann, best known for his distinctly American action thrillers “Heat” and “Collateral,” released his first ever film set entirely outside of the U.S. late last December. “Ferrari” is a historical biopic on the turbulent life of automobile mogul Enzo Ferrari (Adam Driver), founder of the eponymous car manufacturer. Mann brings out the best of his older films for “Ferrari” — the paranoid intensity of “The Insider” and the steely solitude of “Thief” — to craft one of his most riveting films to date. 

A&E 1/16/24 10:04pm

Review: ‘Hall & Nash 2’ showcases what makes Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine exciting

In 2016, underground rappers Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine were beginning to build a following, releasing albums filled with intense verses over ornate instrumentals. As a follow up to their collaborative release, “Hall & Nash,” named after the ’90s pro wrestling duo, the two linked up with The Alchemist, one of hip hop’s most exciting producers, to record a sequel. However, Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine soon signed with Shady Records leaving the finished album, originally scheduled for a 2017 release, shelved with some of the tracks used on other projects over the years. Now, the original album is finally out for public consumption.

A&E 1/16/24 10:01pm

Review: Dandelion Cafe brings brunch to campus

The second location of the Dandelion Cafe, a Houston-based restaurant, is now open in the O’Connor Building for Engineering & Science. Described by Good Morning America as having one of the best chicken and waffles in Houston, the cafe is known for its variety of brunch options. While the Rice location only offers a smaller selection of their normal menu items, the variety of non-servery options, comforting atmosphere and acceptance of Tetra is sure to make the Dandelion Cafe a hit on campus. 

A&E 1/16/24 9:34pm

Moody’s new exhibit examines ‘The Foreign in Us’

Hayv Kahraman’s solo exhibit, “The Foreign in Us,” debuted at the Moody Center for the Arts Jan. 12. Consisting of over 40 drawings and paintings, the newest exhibit tackles themes of identity and belonging, framed through Kahraman’s personal experience as a refugee grappling with themes of isolation, migration, colonization and fear.

A&E 1/9/24 11:32pm

Movies you missed over winter break

Every winter promises an interesting crop of movie releases and this one was no different. From animated masterpieces to remakes of beloved movies to future Oscar contenders, this winter break had something for every movie lover. The following films are five films you can’t miss. 

A&E 1/9/24 11:30pm

A&E’s best music of 2023

From record-breaking tours to smaller indie albums, 2023 was a year filled with great music. While chart-topping hits created a smaller impact than usual in the year’s musical landscape, many iconic and beloved artists released albums. The Thresher’s A&E writers recap ten of this year’s best album releases.

A&E 1/9/24 11:29pm

​​A&E’s best movies of 2023

Full stop, 2023 was the best year for film since the pandemic. From “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” breaking box office records, to the deluge of awards contenders that came out in the last months of the year, there was seemingly always something playing in theaters worth watching. The Thresher’s A&E writers recap ten of this year’s best film releases.

A&E 1/9/24 11:26pm

Review: ‘The Boy and the Heron’ takes animation to new heights

Perhaps the biggest flaw with “The Boy and the Heron” is its title, or at least, the title presented to Western audiences. The name inspires an image of the drab, hackneyed animated parable, an image that stands opposite to the sheer visual spectacle and thematic scope found within the film. 

A&E 1/9/24 11:25pm

Classes to take when you reevaluate being a pre-med

As the spring semester gets up-and-running, many of us will reckon with the consequences of registering for 18 hours of organic chemistry, discrete mathematics or some unholy combination of tedious and unmanageable STEM. While passionate about your major, it can certainly be overwhelming to have such a dense serving, and many people will be looking for a taste breaker. 

A&E 11/28/23 11:41pm

Hit the books at these fun study places

Finals season is among us, which is definitely a step up from syllabus week. Looking for places to study is overwhelming, but you can easily get in your groove once you find the ideal spot. Whether you’re looking to study alone or with a group, check out these study spots on and around campus to ensure the best finals experience. 

A&E 11/28/23 11:40pm

Review: ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ reinvigorates the ‘Hunger Games’ franchise

Set 64 years before beloved heroine Katniss Everdeen entered the arena, “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” employs a young President Snow as its protagonist. As it turns out, long before he was orchestrating the Hunger Games seen in Suzanne Collins’ original trilogy, Coriolanus Snow (Tom Blyth) was poor as dirt. Between his father’s death and the Snow family’s sudden loss of wealth, Snow, his grandmother and his cousin Tigris (Hunter Schafer) must fend for themselves.

A&E 11/28/23 11:39pm

Meet the ACL Artist: Becky Hill

When I met Becky Hill at Weekend One of Austin City Limits, the first thing I noticed was her outfit. Wearing a denim mini skirt, bedazzled corset and white cowgirl boots, Hill looked right at home in Texas. Hailing from Worcestershire, England, though, Hill was a long way from her hometown. 

A&E 11/28/23 11:38pm

Houston Cinema Roundup

The 15th annual Houston Cinema Arts Festival took place Nov. 9 to Nov. 19, showcasing films from diverse perspectives. Both fiction and nonfiction films from around the globe were showcased across Houston, enriching the city’s greater film community. Here are some of the best films showcased at the festival this year.