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News In Brief

(01/11/12 12:00am)

Two men attempted to rob a university consultant early Tuesday morning between Entrance 5 and Wiess College. According to a crime alert sent out by the Rice University Police Department, the men jumped out from behind some bushes and reached for the consultant's backpack but fled the scene after the consultant hit one of the men with his laptop case.

Parade plans changed

(03/11/11 12:00am)

Whereas students involved in past water balloon fights have paraded slowly along the inner loop, a lack of trucks to carry the balloons means that students will now fight solely on Founder's Court, and then make their own way to the track for Saturday's races - if they so choose.Due to last-minute cancellations by truck rental companies, only six trucks were still reserved by the colleges as of Wednesday - not enough to have the parade as in years past. Instead, students will gather on Founder's Court at 10 on Saturday morning for the balloon fight before the races begin at 11:30.

Alcohol: Probation announced

(02/25/11 12:00am)

Dean of Undergraduates John Hutchinson sent out an e-mail yesterday placing the residential colleges on alcohol policy probation, effective immediately. Hutchinson cited the abuse of hard alcohol - which he defined as anything other than beer, wine or ale - and the danger it was creating for students as the impetus for this decision.Martel College president Kevin Tran said that each college will enforce a probation on serving and providing hard alcohol to minors. However, the exact policy enforced by each college and the method of enforcement will vary by college.

100 Days succeeds despite bus delays

(02/25/11 12:00am)

Students attending 100 Days who went to the Sallyport at 11 p.m. Tuesday night for the planned shuttle service were in for a long wait or ended up having to get to Rich's Nightclub on their own thanks to a transport miscommunication.Senior Committee Member Darren Arquero said the shuttle service arrived around 12:45 a.m. Wednesday morning. The service, the Houston Wave, is owned by Jones School alumna Lauren Barrash ('08).

ALFA committee solicits student input

(02/18/11 12:00am)

Got a $6 million idea? The Student Association's Asset Liquidation Funds Appropriations Committee is soliciting student ideas - great and small - for proposals to submit to President David Leebron on how to use $6 million of the money from the sale of the KTRU tower.Committee Co-Chair Selim Sheikh said that the committee is seeking input both online, through ALFA's website and Facebook, and in person by going to cabinets, hosting forums and coffee breaks and having single committee members meet with groups of students at lunch.

KTRU goes HD through KPFT

(02/11/11 12:00am)

While the FCC continues to contemplate KTRU's analog future, on Monday morning Rice's radio station will begin broadcasting on KPFT's HD2 channel using KPFT's 100,000-watt transmitter in northwest Houston. The university announced the seven-year agreement with Pacifica Radio, which runs KPFT, on Saturday. KTRU will continue to broadcast on 91.7 FM through its own transmitter until the FCC reaches a decision on whether or not it can be sold to the University of Houston, and it will also continue to broadcast online.KTRU Station Manager Joey Yang said that although HD radio is not currently a widespread technology, the same was originally true of FM radio.

A world without Islam

(02/04/11 12:00am)

Fourteen hundred years ago, the prophet Muhammad began receiving revelations from God that led to the creation and subsequent rise of Islam in the Middle East. But what if Islam had never come to be? Author Graham Fuller, the former vice chair of the National Intelligence Council and a former CIA Station Chief in Kabul, argued that the relationship between the West and the Middle East might be remarkably similar to how it is today.Fuller, who spoke Jan. 27 at the James A. Baker Institute III Institute for Public Policy, said that even before Christianity, there were conflicts between the East and West - such as the wars between the Greeks and Persians - and the relationship between the Western Church in Rome and the Eastern Church in Constantinople deteriorated over time. When the two finally split, Fuller said that, despite the official religious explanation, the real causes of the split were similar to those he said have led to the current conflicts between East and West - not religion, but factors like politics, economics, power, geography, imperialism, colonialism and intervention into the Muslim world.

Netflix CEO advises ending elected school boards

(01/21/11 12:00am)

Replace elected school boards with school boards that select their own members. That was the recommendation Reed Hastings, CEO and chairman of Netflix and former president of the California State Board of Education, brought to Rice Wednesday night for improving K-12 education.Hastings, who came to Rice as part of a lecture series presented by the Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program and the Knowledge Is Power Program, presented his thesis before he was joined onstage by Houston Independent School District Superintendent Terry Grier.