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How a series finale made me cry in public

(03/31/14 9:59pm)

Tonight I bawled while working out on an elliptical machine, and I can only blame perhaps the most bittersweet series finale I’ve ever seen. How I Met Your Mother concluded its nine-season run tonight, and for the first time in about two seasons, I was so unbelievably glad I had tuned in. The last episode dispensed of all the ridiculous antics that have characterized the last season, and instead concentrated on the characters we came to know and love in the first season: teddy bear Marshall, idealist Ted, emotional Lilly, playboy Barney and driven Robin. And yet, somehow, the finale managed to allow the characters to grow beyond their first-season selves while remaining realistic, a quality the show very much needed throughout the past few years.  

Winter TV premieres to mixed reviews

(01/14/14 12:00am)

I really wanted to like Intelligence. Any show that features a well-known, good-looking actor as a spy figure working to save the world through pure intellect pretty much has me sold even before the pilot airs. Unfortunately, Intelligence falls short in comparison to its predecessors Sherlock and Chuck. While Chuck also told the story of a spy with a computer implanted into his brain, the former show boasted strong characters and a wonderful balance of drama and comedy. In contrast, Intelligence has only flat characters with simple motivations and "complicated" pasts so far.

KPRC teases investigation of RUPD allegations

(11/26/13 12:00am)

Multiple Rice University students have recently posted a link to a news promotional video entitled "Tonight at 10: the arrest video Rice University doesn't want you to see" on Facebook. The video, which local news station KPRC is using to promote coverage that is set to air at 10 p.m. on Nov. 26, asks whether "[Rice University police] officers went too far" in their treatment of a suspect. The full content of the video and KPRC's coverage has yet to be determined. 

Planning for 100 Days and Senior Gala changes

(09/12/13 12:00am)

This year, the Office of Alumni Affairs will no longer be sponsoring the Senior Committee responsible for putting on events like 100 Days, an off-campus event which celebrates the last 100 days before commencement, and Senior Gala, an off-campus event for seniors to celebrate the end of the year, according to Director of Alumni Engagement Suzanne Boue. 

EMS amnesty policy changed

(08/29/13 12:00am)

The medical amnesty section of the Rice Alcohol Policy was amended over the summer to reflect the prohibition of possession and consumption of hard alcohol by those under 21 announced last semester, according to Dean of Undergraduates John Hutchinson. The Thresher previously covered the changes proposed to the alcohol policy in the spring in its April 19 issue ("Changes to alcohol policy announced").

Rice discusses allegations

(04/05/13 12:00am)

Recent resurfaced allegations against Rice Director of Athletics Rick Greenspan have been met with mixed reactions across campus. An article published March 29, 2013 on SportsIllustrated.com reported that former Rice University basketball player Arsalan Kazemi claimed Greenspan made inappropriate comments about Kazemi's Middle Eastern descent to Kazemi, two other Middle Eastern players and former assistant coach Marco Morcos. The Thresher is currently unable to confirm these allegations.