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Sunday, April 14, 2024 — Houston, TX

Rohan Palavali

FEATURES 2/20/24 9:52pm

Well, well, well: how Rice stays hydrated

Those who walk near the Ralph S. O’Connor Building for Engineering and Science may hear the faint droning noise of machinery coming from the Central Plant, one of Rice’s two power plants that provide energy and water to the campus. Through the maze of pipes, wires and metal structures stands a fence door guarding one of the Rice’s lifelines — a water well. 

A&E 11/14/23 10:58pm

Peruse the paranormal at Rice’s Archives of the Impossible

In a world dictated by facts, seemingly everything can be explained by some scientific principle or research. Certain events, though, just can’t be explained, falling outside our conceptions of how the world works — which many call the paranormal. Records of unordinary events have been kept for centuries in the form of books, photographs, letters and government documents. Since 2014, the Woodson Research Center at Fondren Library has been gathering these accounts detailing the supernatural, placing them in a collection aptly named the Archives of the Impossible.

FEATURES 9/26/23 11:52pm

Unconventional wisdom, unconventional purchases

Whether it’s College Night, Beer Bike or just another quad event, Rice’s residential colleges often shop for some unique items. From inflatable gorillas to 188 individual Squishmallows, the Thresher took a look at some of the colleges’ silliest acquisitions.

A&E 9/19/23 11:22pm

Hidden in plain sight: Explore Public Art at Rice

Art is all around us at Rice. Everyone knows about the Moody Center for the Arts or James Turrell’s Skyspace, but tucked away across the university in unsuspecting places, there is art that is sure to astound. Sometimes, it’s hidden in plain sight. Look around and you might notice pieces of one of Rice’s most ambitious art projects — Rice Public Art.