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Thursday, July 07, 2022 — Houston, TX

Ian Ragsdale

NEWS 9/11/08 7:00pm

College a vital forum for election issues

Take it from me: As a recent alum, I can tell you that after you leave college, a completely different set of social and political issues becomes important to you.Financial security, which during college years may have been somewhere below Diet Coke on the scale of things important to you, suddenly becomes an issue in everything you do. Especially in this age of "nothing is cheap like it used to be," I find that I am constantly tuned in to the state of the economy. The entire nation appears to sympathize with me. That's why it's up to you, today's college students, to keep the nation focused on the war in Iraq during this election season.

OPINION 8/24/07 12:00am

Exploring the true drains on American society

 In America , we have been told who the drains on our society are. They arc people on welfare, undocumented workers, hippies, hobos and basically anyone who hasn't made a million dollars — and thus hasn't demonstrated his or her ability to put in a hard day's work. Apparently, in America, a hard day's work entitles you to a million dollars.  Yeah, right. Let's wake up and look for the real drains on society.