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OPINION 2/27/24 10:17pm

Beyond Fondy 24/7: advocating for fairness

An editorial “24/7 Fondy presents more cons than pros” published Jan. 16 raised valid concerns about the potential drawbacks of Fondren Library operating 24/7. However, this argument barely scratches the surface, overlooking a critical aspect — the well-being of the dedicated staff who operate the library. 

OPINION 11/7/23 10:54pm

NOD reveals a public health crisis. Admin should treat it like one.

Last fall, I was one of the “dumb and irresponsible people” to wake up in a hospital bed after drinking an entire bottle of rum.  In the midst of a panic attack, I recalled memories of my ex-boyfriend sexually assaulting me, resenting my inability to ever get closure. For some reason, I convinced myself that chugging hard liquor would calm me down. I didn’t care about the consequences. Frankly, I was suicidal and too distressed for them to matter. I started to realize, half-conscious, the terrible mistake I’d made as soon as I saw my body on a stretcher. I begged emergency medical technicians not to take me to the hospital, all the while delusionally screaming at my ex-boyfriend thousands of miles away. 

OPINION 2/2/16 9:27pm

The Honor Code and fairness at stake

What is justice? This simple question has given the western world fits since at least Plato’s “Republic.” With regards to societal punishment, I would answer the question with the words ‘fairness,’ ‘due process’ and ‘a trial by jury.’  These are not simply words — our country was built on these words, and they have a specific meaning.