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Monday, April 15, 2024 — Houston, TX


OPINION 2/20/24 9:38pm

Chelsea Asibbey for SA secretary

In a rather rare contested election, the Student Association has two candidates on the upcoming ballot for secretary: Chelsea Asibbey and Calla Doh. Due to her fresh perspective outside of the Student Association, willingness to take initiative on her own ideas and emphasis on serving Rice communities, we, the Thresher Editorial Board, endorse Chelsea Asibbey for SA secretary. 

OPINION 2/13/24 9:58pm

Keep the Sabbath Holy

Rice students are no strangers to burnout. Optimism at the start of a semester turns into dread as the grind wears us down and we wonder how we will fit all our weekly commitments into a mere 168 hours. 

OPINION 1/30/24 10:17pm

The burden of tradition: NOD 2023 was the fault of systemic issues, not the students

Student discourse in the aftermath of Night of Decadence has frequently taken a defeatist character. A muted “I guess that’s what we get” has risen in response to the cancellation of publics, without any form of organized protest. This passivity in the face of blatant paternalism ignores a major systemic issue: the loss of student autonomy in maintaining traditions.

OPINION 1/24/24 7:00am

We will not wait until the next school shooting

Despite calls upon lawmakers to do something about this epidemic of violence, our cries for action fall upon deaf ears. We are tired of being ridiculed as “radical” by lawmakers for championing common-sense gun reforms like expanding background checks, which are supported by a majority of Texans. What is radical is the status quo, where gun violence is the leading cause of death among Texas youth — more than cancer and more than car accidents. Year after year, Texas loosens restrictions on guns, and year after year, the rate of youth gun deaths increases. 

OPINION 1/23/24 9:40pm

Run for SA to make a difference

As this year’s Student Association election cycle officially begins in early February, let’s not forget last year’s uncontested slate of candidates and the “Dilf Hunter” write-in campaign. The student body’s dissatisfaction with the SA has been clear, with many even calling for change in the way the SA operates, or questioning the allocation of their current resources elsewhere. If you’re one of the many jaded about the SA, we pose a question: Why not run for SA yourself?

OPINION 1/16/24 9:51pm

24/7 Fondy presents more cons than pros

A petition was posted by an anonymous Rice student Jan. 13 asking for Fondren Library to be open 24/7. By publication, the petition had garnered 313 signatures. While we understand the desire for more study spaces, the extra labor required to support this endeavor may cause more difficulties than it solves. Instead, we have some suggestions for other study spaces and resources that those who want it can access 24/7.

OPINION 1/9/24 11:06pm

Bridging the digital divide

Access to the internet plays a central role in almost everyone’s lives, especially as we enter an increasingly digitized world. Unfortunately, however, 170,000 households in Houston lack access to the internet. While many of these individuals are adults, a significant portion comprises students of college age. 

OPINION 1/9/24 11:04pm

Letter to the Editor: Trafficking is a central feminist issue

Last semester, International Justice Mission’s anti-trafficking fashion Interwoven was featured in the Thresher. The article concluded with a call from me imploring Rice students to consider the connections between social issues they care about and human trafficking. I am writing today to expand upon that call to action and to mobilize the campus to consider trafficking more deeply. 

OPINION 1/9/24 11:03pm

Show up to support student athletes

Despite their disappointing 45-21 season-ending loss to Texas State in the First Responder Bowl, the Rice football team has reason for optimism going forward: The Owls played in their second-straight bowl game while going 4-4 in their first season as members of the American Athletic Conference. Winning their most games in a season since 2014 and defeating crosstown rivals University of Houston in the Bayou Bucket has made this season a successful one for head coach Mike Bloomgren, who has significantly turned around this football program since he arrived in 2018. 

OPINION 11/28/23 10:39pm

Letter to the Editor: Pro-autonomy after Roe: what the life debate ignores

When “Pro-Life After Roe” was published in the Thresher, we were in the midst of finalizing a semester-long report on the state of reproductive rights in Texas. We had spent the day compiling firsthand accounts of the panic, pain and trauma produced by abortion bans. It felt necessary to address the guest opinion and confront the harms of abortion restrictions. 

OPINION 11/28/23 10:36pm

We should educate ourselves on Rice’s history

Rice’s 111-year history is marked by lots of positive impact — and plenty of harmful actions. William Marsh Rice, the university’s founder and namesake, was a slave owner, and from the school’s establishment as a free institution for only white students to Ku Klux Klan meetings occurring on Rice property, the connections to segregation and racial injustice cannot be denied.

OPINION 11/14/23 10:42pm

Desolation does not entail peace

We have lost sight of the bigger picture in the Middle East. Intensification of violence over the preceding month has shattered the veneer of an international rules-based order, promulgating the precariousness of ascertaining global prosperity, stability and peace through sui generis multilateral frameworks devised to avert the perpetuation of such hostilities. Notably, the conflict has laid bare the alarming moral calculus precluding meaningful discourse across America’s college campuses, including our own.