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Tuition rises 5 percent due to endowment losses

(02/26/10 12:00am)

In keeping with historical trends, Rice will once more increase next year's tuition. While the 2009-10 tuition sits at $31,430, next year's amount will jump 5.4 percent to $33,120 to compensate for endowment losses. This increase in tuition will be accompanied by a 16 percent increase in the financial aid budget, Vice President for Finance Kathy Collins said.

Freshmen invited to new colleges

(02/19/10 12:00am)

If you have somehow missed the multiple invitations and guest passes but are still interested in transferring to Duncan College or McMurtry College, you are in luck: Applications to transfer to either of the new colleges are still being accepted, and invitations have been extended to the freshmen at Baker College, Brown College, Hanszen College and Wiess College. The Office of the Dean of the Undergraduates elected to extend applications to freshmen at these four colleges because they had the fewest number of transfers overall. Two rounds of invitations were sent out, one last week and one last Monday, inviting first-year students from those colleges to transfer, Associate Dean of Undergraduates Matthew Taylor said.

Equality Riders campaign for social justice

(02/05/10 12:00am)

Nearly 50 years after the Freedom Riders took to the road to end racial segregation, a new group is riding to campaign for another form of social justice: rights for LGBT students. This diverse group of 22 young men and women, the 2010 Soulforce Equality Riders, come from various religious and cultural backgrounds across the country but are united in their desire for change. Since the Equality Rides began in 2006, the riders have visited and advocated for change at over 50 of the approximately 200 schools in the United States whose policies actively discriminate against LGBT students.

Students rally for Haitians

(01/22/10 12:00am)

After a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck the southern part of Haiti on Jan. 12, the Rice community is pulling together its resources to support the victims and aid in rebuilding the country. This disaster struck particularly close to home for many Rice students, current and former. Diane Caves (Baker '00) was working for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Haiti, where she was on temporary assignment. She is still missing after the earthquake destroyed the Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince, where Caves was staying, her husband Jeffrey Caves (Will Rice '00) said.

New house for Wiess masters set to break ground in February

(01/15/10 12:00am)

Construction of the Wilson House, the brand-new Wiess College masters' house, will begin next month. The house is named after longtime Wiess Resident Associate Bill Wilson, who died last spring. The construction should be completed by the end of the year, and the house is aiming for silver Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, Project Manager Tina Hicks said. The house will be located next to the east side of Wiess by the South Power Plant. Facilities, Engineering and Planning Manager of Communications Susann Glenn said the cost of construction will be paid for by a donation from Wilson's estate, supplemented by money from Housing and Dining.

Transfer troubles arise

(12/04/09 12:00am)

Though the transfer process to Duncan College and McMurtry College is not yet complete, both new colleges have reached a "critical mass" of transfers, Assistant Dean of Undergraduates Matt Taylor said. After two rounds of invitations for transfers, approximately 120 students are transferring to McMurtry and just under 100 are moving to Duncan. As this is still well below the original goal of between 130 and 150 transfers for both colleges, there will be a third round of invitations in the near future. However, due to some disparities between the number of students transferring at each college, Taylor said there is still some debate about how to fill these remaining gaps.

Willy's dry after alcohol violation

(10/23/09 12:00am)

Willy's Pub was dry this week in response to an incident Oct. 8 when a student brought outside alcohol into the room, became overly intoxicated and was later found outside Pub by Rice University Police, Associate Director of the Student Center Pamelyn Shefman said. The decision to make Pub dry was made by V&W Permits, the outside organization that owns Pub, whose voting members include Shefman, Assistant Dean of the Student Center and Campus-Wide Programs Boyd Beckwith, Pub Manager Trey O'Neill, Valhalla Manager Sean Walsh, Wellness Center Director Emily Page and economics graduate student alumnus Purvez Captain. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission was not involved in the decision.

For fourth year in a row, Rice improves sustainability

(10/09/09 12:00am)

Rice ranks first in Texas for sustainability for the second year in a row, according to the Green Report Card, a measure released annually by the Sustainable Endowments Institute. Rice was also designated a campus sustainability leader, Communications Fellow for the SEI Cameron Bruns said. Rice received a B on the Green Report Card, the highest score it has received over the past four years, Director of Sustainability Richard Johnson (Will Rice '92) said.

Archi student dies

(10/02/09 12:00am)

Lovett College senior Jay Townsend died Monday of health problems stemming from a weakened heart caused by a childhood battle with cancer. He was 26 years old. Townsend was scheduled to receive his B.A. in Architecture next January and was working on his professional Bachelor of Architecture degree, Dean of Undergraduates Robin Forman said in an e-mail Wednesday afternoon.

Faculty seek federal research funds

(10/02/09 12:00am)

The endowment may be down, but funding for sponsored projects keeps going up. The proposal activity for sponsored research projects over the past two months is up 60 percent from two years ago, and a little under 200 more research proposals were submitted in Fiscal Year 2009 than in FY 2008, Research Provost James Coleman said. In total, Rice received $93.5 million for sponsored projects in FY 2009. Federal stimulus money accounted for a large proportion of the new funding, particularly under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Coleman said.

New Recreation Center boasts bigger space, new equipment, myriad upgrades to facilities

(09/25/09 12:00am)

After a year and a half of construction, the much-anticipated Barbara and David Gibbs Recreation and Wellness Center opens today at 2 p.m. The center more than doubles the square footage of the former Rec Center, and boasts a variety of new rooms, spaces and workout facilities that will be available to students, faculty, staff and their families, Director of Recreation Programs Tina Villard said.

Rec Center opens with a splash

(09/25/09 12:00am)

After a year and a half of construction, the much-anticipated Barbara and David Gibbs Recreation and Wellness Center opens today at 2 p.m. The center more than doubles the square footage of the former Rec Center, and boasts a variety of new rooms, spaces and workout facilities that will be available to students, faculty, staff and their families, Director of Recreation Programs Tina Villard said.

New bike policy aims for safety

(09/18/09 12:00am)

With the largest student population Rice has ever seen on campus, a new bike policy, effective this semester, aims to keep pedestrians and bikers safe, Bicycle Safety Committee member Amy Kavalewitz said. The policy was orchestrated by the Bicycle Safety Committee, which consists of staff, faculty and student representatives, and now falls under the office of Vice President for Administration Kevin Kirby.

Levy leaves provost post

(09/04/09 12:00am)

Without Howard Hughes Provost Eugene Levy's influence, Rice, as both a university and a campus, would be noticeably different. Levy's work with the Passport to Houston program, the Vision for the Second Century and the BioScience Research Collaborative has shaped Rice into the institution it is today. As such, his announcement Tuesday that he will be stepping down at the end of this academic year marks the end of a remarkable and prolonged career, President David Leebron said.

Behind the green fences

(08/28/09 12:00am)

McMurtry College and Duncan College may be completed, but that doesn't mean that construction on campus is over. From Olympic-sized swimming pools at the new Rec Center, to hummingbird gardens at the newly-named Huff House, to reconstructing the torn-down wings at Will Rice College and Baker College, the projects run far and wide. To get your bearings, here is a map to find your way through the cranes and sawdust and all the way to the new badminton courts.See the full spread here.

Alumna donation set to bring acclaimed artist to campus

(08/28/09 12:00am)

While most Rice students may not currently know what a skyspace is, they soon will. Preliminary designs were finalized this month for an on-campus skyspace, a roofless building through which the sky can be observed. James Turrell, a renowned contemporary artist, will design the project.The permanent installation, which is scheduled to be completed by 2011 and will be located on the Shepherd School of Music's quad, is funded by a multimillion dollar donation from alumna Suzanne Deal Booth (Hanszen '77), University Art Director Molly Hubbard said.