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New Baker 13 Rules: Well-Intentioned but Misguided

(11/07/18 6:30am)

There’s no question that the long-standing tradition of Baker 13 has left its mark on Rice (in more ways than one). The latest Baker 13 run, however, has become one of the more inconsiderate traditions at Rice. After a runner broke a Sid Richardson College window on Oct.13, the administration banned butt printing on windows to limit future damage done by Baker 13. While I agree that runs should not permanently damage our beautiful campus, the new rule has created fresh problems. 

Beer Bike fines should remain but be flexible as needs change

(04/19/17 1:00pm)

In last week’s edition of the Thresher, the outgoing Hanszen Beer Bike college coordinators wrote an op-ed regarding the Beer Bike fine system. In light of this article, Rice Program Council would like to take the opportunity to clarify common misconceptions surrounding the fine system and to discuss our plans in reforming the system moving forward. We assert it is necessary to keep the fine system to promote campus safety during the event, but it can be improved to reduce the financial burden on the part of college coordinators.