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Giving back as easy as giving someone a break

(02/19/20 5:04am)

Who can deny the first thought that comes to mind most often when one hears the term “giving back to one’s alma mater” is the opening of your checkbook. One might also think of donating one’s time, be it through volunteering to serve on the Association of Rice Alumni board of directors, interviewing prospective students via Rice Alumni Volunteers for Admission or spearheading a committee in a regional alumni group.

Invest in college facilities

(02/01/17 5:02am)

I am the alumnus who wrote a one-line critique of the Doerr Institute for New Leaders under the Thresher’s Jan. 20 Facebook post regarding the decaying state of the colleges: “At least we have the $50M Doerr Institute to teach us about leadership though.” 146 others gave it the thumbs up. For the class of 2020, Rice admitted 325 club/organization presidents, 197 student government members, 18 class presidents and 18 student council presidents. We have a lot of leaders. Maybe the Institute and I see two different schools. To me, the Institute’s purpose remains mired in nonsensical verbiage and has had mixed reviews about its efficacy. $50 million for a vague end goal seems daft, especially if we consider that a $30 million and $32 million gift helped build Duncan College and McMurtry College, respectively. When 78 percent of undergraduates live on campus and have to be kicked off one year due to a lack of space, that money could do a lot of good elsewhere, namely in investing in the colleges.