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A few reminders about advocating on campus

(08/31/17 4:26pm)

I am writing this because I was once a confused and concerned member of the Rice student body, wondering what I could possibly do to help the social injustice happening both in my city but also hundreds of miles away — like in Charlottesville. Graduating and leaving Rice hasn’t enlightened me completely, but working in nonprofit on the Hill has helped. After attending various advocacy trainings, I’ve gathered some steps I’d like to pass on.

Denim and ‘ungendered’ clothing trend in spring fashion

(03/23/16 9:18pm)

New York, Milan, London and now Paris have had their fashion weeks, and the collections have made the statements: The nostalgic fashion of the 90s, which has been creeping back in the form of Puma creepers, jelly sandals and mom jeans, is officially back, not just for mainstream streetwear but also high fashion. Tracksuits, bright colors, “rigid fit” jeans, slip-on shoes and sneakers (yes, those “Damn Daniels,” too) are the “it” items of the season. Who knew that awfully bright yellow, nylon rain jacket hand-me-down from Ralph Lauren would actually become trendy? I’ve finally added my mother’s jeans and my father’s torn up, oversized denim jacket to my rotation rack, and I don’t look like a fool in this humidity because, well, it’s fashionable. 

Shopping smart on a student budget

(10/21/15 12:41am)

Whenever I advocate being fashionable, people challenge me that fashion isn’t exactly college budget-friendly. In my opinion, those people probably haven’t learned the ways of smart shopping. I hate buying anything at retail price. Any clothing item in my closet can retail from $10 to $280 but I have never paid any more than $180, and that evening gown was an investment. The breakdown can get very detailed, but the average cost of my daily wear and business casual is probably $20 an item. 

College is the time to experiment with your fashion style

(08/27/15 5:06pm)

Before matriculating in 2013, I had little hope for finding a large crowd of fashion enthusiasts on campus, and my first semester proved me right. Free T-shirts and sweats was the norm. There was the rare fashionable individual here and there, and the only exceptions to the T-shirts and sweats combo were career expo days and Associates’ Nights.