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Fall semester fashion trends


By Thu Nguyen     9/14/16 8:55pm

New York Fashion Week is underway as I write, but for those of you who aren't familiar, NYFW showcases the next season's collections, in this case, spring and summer for 2017. It's still the peak of our summer here in Houston though, so let's rewind and go over some current summer trends perfect for our thousand percent humidity and for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

Linen Everything

Linen button-downs, linen shorts, linen tank tops, linen linen linen. If you're not familiar with the fabric, it's a sturdy cotton, so you know it can handle the dorm washing machines. No-stretch, very wrinkle-able for that "worn-in" vibe and quite affordable from Uniqlo, linens are excellent items to hunt for in sales racks. These pieces are quite airy, letting you stay fairly cool and feel like you're wearing pajamas. Wear the button-downs by themselves or opened over a T-shirt, tank top or camisole. Start introducing some linen to your closet if you're looking to transition from a high school/college vibe to a relaxed adult-ing feel.

Short Sleeve Button Downs

There are a lot of guys sporting these, and I love it. Though not the same as a rolled up, long-sleeved button-down, these are still flattering in almost every situation and are even better for the weather here. Pair with chino shorts or pants, joggers or jeans. I'm hesitant to say they're pair-able with dress pants, and they are definitely not to be paired with gym shorts — not that I'm trying to tell you how to live your life. I'm just giving my suggestions.

(P)leather Sneakers and Ankle Boots

If there's one new trend that stands out on campus this semester, it's the Superstar/Stan Smith Adidas trend. It seems like one in every three people on campus owns a pair and, if you take out the fact that white shoes are naturally going to be tough to take care of, they're the new most versatile shoe since Damn Daniels (aka Vans). It's not that ankle boots are new but that heels are going out of trend — the lower the heel, the better. All of these shoes are also stylish substitutes for rainboots (if your shoes are real leather, please waterproof them). Although they're not as effective at keeping you dry, they're a good alternative if you're not a fan of the height, chunkiness or price of rainboots.


While many short girls fear these wide-legged pants, I think they’re a trend that everyone can get on. Not only are they more comfortable than the linen pants mentioned above, they're perfect for covering your legs without being as constricting as leggings or jeans. If you're looking for a more structured fit, Everlane, Gap and Loft offer a good selection of ankle cropped, slim hip and thigh and straight leg fit, perfect to wear with those white sneakers or ankle boots.

Bomber Jackets That Are Not Olive Green

The winters in Houston aren’t really winters. They're more like autumns with three days of actual winter that inevitably send the city into a panic. Although wool coats are nice, they're probably unnecessary and a hassle to haul around once you've made it inside a building. Bombers, on the other hand, are a perfect alternative for warmth, convenience and style. Throw a bomber over your T-shirt and sweats for an elevated athleisure look, with jeans and a sweater for the good ol’ collegiate look or with chinos and a button-down for chic streetvibes. Mix it up with oxfords or those Adidas NMDs you treated yourself to. All bombers are game, even the olive green ones, but I'm warning you now that olive green bombers are saturating the streets.


When joggers came into the American fashion scene about two years ago, I was fundamentally opposed. I swore to never jump on the bandwagon and scoffed at anyone who tried to defend the positive impact joggers had on the style scene. Today, I stand corrected, and have fully converted to support the joggers movement. They're comfortable, and, depending on the fabric they're made of, they can be dressed up or down. That's right — you can wear joggers to your next poster presentation or late night Fondy sessions.

If you're wondering where you might start looking for any of the above, check out the Weekly Scene for details on an on-campus back-to-school clothing sale.

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