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Fall fashion: From denim to dad sweaters

Fall outfits

By Thu Nguyen     9/23/15 5:32am

1. Denim denim denim

If you haven’t noticed from recent lookbooks and ads, denim is making a huge comeback this fall. While classics like jean jackets and mom jeans have been fl oating around in mainstream trends for a couple of years now, pieces like overalls and fl are, if not bell-bottom, jeans are making statements. I once said fl are jeans would make a comeback “over my dead body,” but seeing them on the streets at New York Fashion Week has changed my mind. For example, one can wear high-waisted fl are jeans with a ruffle-sleeved, off-the-shoulder crop top, a fringed crossbody bag and Chucks or flatform sandals, or with a ribbed turtleneck and suede boots. Overalls are the easiest to style, as just about any top can work underneath — my favorites are white oxford button-downs, formfi tting turtlenecks and old graphic tees. You can go for a classic look with both straps buttoned properly, or more rugged or street with one of the straps unbuttoned and just hanging (then roll up the hems a little, and pair with Chucks or leather ankle boots).

2. Flannel

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wearing flannel since my freshman year of high school. Maybe it was because my school was popularly known as the “redneck” high school, where everyone owned a farm or ranch, and fl annel was the uniform of the fall. Really, though, what else can you wear to go tractor riding besides flannel? For fall and winter 2015, this warmer version of the linen button-down has become a hit on the runways, layered over tanks and other loosefi tting tops, or tied around the waist in the most ironic runway-copies-hipster-Tumblr fashion. O the runway, fl annel can be worn in more than those two ways. Guys, upgrade your business and business casual with a jewel toned fl annel shirt and solid-colored tie under a coordinating suit or chinos (or, if you’re daring, a pair of corduroys). Girls, avoid pairing your denim overalls with your fl annel. As comfortable as this combination sounds, friends don’t let friends walk out in public looking like lumberjacks, and you are my friends.

3. We’re bringing camel (and suede) back

The color, I mean. What exactly is the color camel like? Well, it’s exactly all the different shades of tannish, lightish, darkish browns that you can think of when you think of the color of camel hair. Just as khaki describes the various shades of lighter tannish browns for the summer, camel is the slightly deeper, more earth toned version for the fall. Find this trending color on trench coats, turtlenecks, bomber jackets, long wool coats and suits. For you hip-hop heads, or followers of Kanye West in general, the combination of the season is a pair of Timberlands and a camel coat. While camel is also a trend in women’s wear, suede can be considered the lady’s counterpart to the men’s camel. Suede now comes in skirts, overalls, ankle boots and shoulder bags. I strongly suggest a bottle of waterproof spray to go with those suede boots though, given our rainy Houston weather.

4. Wide-legged pants

As far as everyday, wearable fashion on a college campus goes, this one might be a stretch for most of you guys and a lot of you gals. Wide-legged pants may seem far-fetched and too “high fashion,” but in reality, they’re super comfortable and aren’t that hard to dress. In fact, the billowy silhouette of the pants is similar to that of a skirt, so you would pair the same things with the pants as you would with a flowy maxi or midi skirt. My two go-to tops are a form fitting turtleneck tucked in or a thick fuzzy sweater untucked. I usually pair both with pointy-toe heels, but these pants definitely go well with the ankle boot trend as well.

5. Chunky knits and all sweaters retro

I can already hear all the self-proclaimed hipsters complaining about how they were the first ones to introduce this trend last year. But yes, sweaters are another highlight of the season, especially if they are ribbed or cable-knit. The fuzzy sweater hasn’t gone away either — it has come back in an oversized form. The most noticeable addition to this year’s sweater trend is the turtleneck. Ditch the blanket-sized scarf for a thick turtleneck sweater and you’ll never have to worry about chasing after your precious wool ever again. Those scarves have always been too heavy and unmanageable anyway. (Although scarves are still nice to have and I’d never actually ditch them for real — they’re a staple in my closet.) While cable and ribbed knit sweaters are also a thing for guys, another huge thing for menswear this winter is retro patterned sweaters. Keep yourself from looking too grandpa-like by wearing properly fitted pants hitting right at or a little past the ankle, and avoid the wiry frames if you can. Throw on a puffer vest (which is also trending this season) or jean jacket to complete the retro look. New York Fashion Week was last week, and for those of you who don’t know, they showed the spring/summer 2016 collections. Some trends to look out for this next semester include bucket hats, body suits with widelegged pants, more shirt dresses and sheers.

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