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Innovation district must make progress for all

(02/13/19 4:36am)

When asked about the inspiration behind the name “Ion”, President David Leebron described Rice’s planned innovation hub as “embodying the ever-forward motion of discovery.” Just vague enough to seem unobjectionable, the image fits well with the deliberate branding surrounding the project. However, this narrative conceals major concerns about the negative consequences that new development often brings to surrounding communities. 

Sugar Land school district likely to build tech center over burial ground for black convict laborers

(11/08/18 2:15am)

An exhibit depicting the history of convict leasing in Sugar Land quietly went on display in Fondren Library’s central walkway earlier this semester. Originally created for a Houston Action Research Team project several years ago, it was updated and re-installed in light of a recent discovery.

Mental health forum addresses survey results

(03/08/17 3:43am)

A Rice Alliance for Mental Health Awareness survey distributed to Rice undergraduates and graduates showed 44.4 percent of respondents said they have lived or currently live with a mental illness and 57 percent of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they felt comfortable talking about mental health on campus. Following the release of these results, RAMHA organized Rice’s first ever Mental Health Forum to raise awareness about mental health resources on campus and destigmatize discussion regarding mental illnesses.

Princeton Review race/class ranking at odds with mobility metrics

(02/22/17 1:17am)

Following Rice University’s No. 1 ranking for race and class interaction by the Princeton Review in August 2016, a recent study reported by the New York Times of 2,137 universities revealed that Rice is approximately average in terms of class financial composition and mobility when compared to other elite institutions.

Rice history closely tied to energy industry

(11/09/16 10:09pm)

Just as Stanford University is affiliated with Silicon Valley’s booming tech industry and New York University’s Stern School of Business with Wall Street’s banking and finance, Rice is impacted by its location within Houston’s energy and oil driven economy. The Rincon Oil Field functioned as Rice’s very own Spindletop, heralding an era of economic prosperity that allowed for expansion into the University we know today. The impact of the industry is still prominent on campus, even as students launch environmental career initiatives and a professor calls for a change in perspective to fit the current climate crisis.

Pepper Twins opens with vibrant Szechuan cuisine

(10/04/16 3:40am)

Those familiar with the charming Szechuan eatery Cooking Girl know that its newly opened sister restaurant, Pepper Twins, has big shoes to fill. Since setting down its roots in Montrose, Cooking Girl has satisfied diners looking for an authentic Chinatown experience without having to leave the comfort of the Loop. Given the huge success of her first venture, it makes sense that the owner, Yunan Yang, has kept much of the same model for her second — Pepper Twins’ dishes preserve the classic Szechuan flavor profile without falling prey to monotony. In fact, a large part of the restaurant’s uniqueness comes from its delicate balance between the traditional dishes Yang perfected at Cooking Girl and its more modern dishes, creating a fresh yet comfortingly familiar dining experience.