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Snap your senior shots here

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By Amelia Davis     1/16/24 9:55pm

With graduation looming on the horizon, seniors have a long to-do list before they enter the real world. One of a graduate’s many tasks is securing that ideal graduation picture. With the Sallyport currently playing host to chain-link fences and construction vehicles, you may want to set your sights on some of the Rice area’s other landmarks to get the perfect shot.

The Turrell Skyspace

Located next to the Shepherd School of Music, the Skyspace makes for a striking dusk or dawn photoshoot when its colorful lights are activated — each day, the light show begins around 40 minutes before sunrise and again 10 minutes before sunset, lasting for about 40 minutes. It’s one of the most memorable places at Rice, especially for art lovers or anyone who enjoys the installation’s futuristic aesthetic.

Lee and Joe Jamail Plaza

Snap a few shots in front of the rustication fountain to celebrate your victory in avoiding its spell. You get a traditional, respectable photo with a little inside joke for those in the know. Additionally, the plaza — situated between the Baker Institute and McNair Hall — is appropriate for business or social policy students, especially the bull and bear market statues at the entrance of McNair. Even if that isn’t your academic focus, the sectioned garden areas at the corners of the plaza are a beautiful verdant backdrop for a photo. 

Boulevard Oaks

For more traditional photos, the trees and greenery of Rice are almost as iconic as the Sallyport. There are plenty of wooded spots on campus, but the Boulevard Oaks neighborhood just north of Rice has been featured in plenty of engagement, wedding and graduation photoshoots in the past. The most popular place is along the North, South and West boulevards in Broadacres, on the brick esplanades. 

Houston Zoo

If you feel a connection to Houston itself, a few close-by landmarks may be appealing to you. For biosciences or environmental sciences students who may go on to focus on animals, the Houston Zoo is conveniently located for some pictures that incorporate your passions. A similar option would be the Houston Arboretum for a lush and floral background with plenty of natural views. 

Hermann Park

Hermann Park hosts a wealth of backdrops and interesting pieces for photos. The reflecting pools and fountain are a great setting, especially for political science hopefuls with their sights set on Washington, D.C.; the Pioneer Memorial Obelisk is reminiscent of a miniaturized version of the National Mall and Washington Monument. Celebrate your time in Houston while anticipating your journey onwards. Additionally, the Japanese garden is right across the street from the main entrance to campus, perfect for taking spring graduation pictures while it’s blooming.

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