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Tuesday, April 23, 2024 — Houston, TX

Owls’ Saturday night flights

Hai-Van Hoang / Thresher

By Shruti Patankar     1/9/24 11:20pm

With public parties being shut down, Rice’s party culture is in its Prohibition era until spring break. Here are some ideas on how to spend your public-less Saturday nights in the spring semester. 

Celebrate getting HBO Max back

Last fall, free HBO Max streaming returned for all on-campus students. Sign in through your student account to binge-watch with friends in your college’s movie room. 

Get your Shakespeare on

The Rice Players are holding their biannual Play in a Day event, where students have a day to prepare and put on short original plays. Performances are at Hamman Hall on Saturday, Jan. 13 at 8 p.m. Support a friend taking part or attend to see the next Bard in action. 

Ride the entire Houston metro red line

Metro QCards are available for Rice students free of cost, with up to 50 free rides per month. Start at the Hermann Park stop and journey north. Along the way, you can try some Viet-Cajun crawfish in Asiatown’s Crawfish & Noodles or go thrifting in Montrose. 

Servery Mukbang

It’s time to make Seibel Servery TikTok famous. Grab some friends and pool your swipes to visit everything from the Wok to Owl Masala. Even if we don’t have Yale’s gourmet pancakes, North Servery’s water chicken has viral potential. 

Stampede out of campus

If you can’t bring the party to Rice, bring Rice to the party. Houston’s 18+ clubs include Stampede, a country bar where you can pretend that you can dance to country music and teach your roommate from New York how to do-si-do. Bonus points to Stampede for just doing Martel’s Texas party a little better year round. Other popular 18+ clubs include Numbers, Blur and Etro (18+ Thursdays only). 

Residential college field trip

Have you been avoiding North Servery at mealtimes in fear of seeing an ex? On your next free Saturday night, take some time to visit all of the campus landmarks you’ve steered clear of in the daylight. Wiess College’s foosball table is waiting for you. 

Rendezvous in Rice Village

The shuttle travels to and from Rice Village every 15 minutes from 5:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m., so the long walk isn’t a good enough excuse to spend another evening watching Netflix in your room. Grab a drink at Teahouse or a snack at Insomnia Cookies, and finish it while you wait for TransLoc to load for ten minutes. 

Support Rice’s sports teams

Baseball, basketball, swimming, track and field and tennis all have events throughout the spring semester. Head to Tudor Fieldhouse or Reckling Park to pick up some merchandise and watch the Owls dominate.

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