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We love Rice. We hope our work this year reflects that.

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By Ben Baker-Katz and Morgan Gage     8/23/22 9:21pm

Each year, past editors in chiefs have penned welcome letters to the Rice community about their goals for the upcoming year. Many of them have urged the community to trust the Thresher in our pursuit of accurate, thorough reporting and storytelling. We enter this year with a similar goal, but we don’t have an ask of our community or our readers. Instead, we are calling on ourselves to reach out to the Rice community as a whole and meet the standards of journalistic integrity that our community deserves and that we expect of ourselves.

As we begin our tenure as editors in chief, we are acutely aware of instances when Thresher coverage attracted the ire of readers and social media commenters. We welcome this criticism; it is both a reminder of how we can improve and a sign of when we’re doing our job right. As the only student-run news publication at Rice, we see ourselves as playing a vital role in facilitating campus discourse. But we understand that trust is earned, not given. So, we are taking steps that we believe will help us earn that trust. 

Moving into this semester, we’re investing more time and resources in longer form stories in an effort to more holistically and responsibly report on complex issues that are relevant to our community. Additionally, we are expanding our online coverage to incorporate data journalism and multimedia storytelling to tell more compelling stories.

We are attempting to strengthen our relationship with the Rice community itself. In that spirit, we will be hosting office hours Thursday, Aug. 25 from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Rice Memorial Center’s Ley Conference Room. This is a chance for all members of the Rice community including students, staff and faculty to ask any questions they have about the Thresher as a publication or about our processes and goals. Beyond that, we are hosting monthly “Lunch and Learns” with journalism professionals, to which all graduate and undergraduate students on campus are invited to sign up.

For years, as a part of our staff training, we have asked everyone on the masthead to collectively choose one value that embodies the Thresher’s mission. Without fail, we have selected “trustworthy” each time. We rely on the campus community to trust our integrity even when they don’t agree with the content that we’re publishing. As editors of the Thresher, we love Rice and the values we believe it embodies. Our work in student media is an extension of that love. We wouldn’t do it otherwise.

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