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News In Rhyme

By Anthony Lauriello     11/1/11 7:00pm


Greek prime minister uses Euro as political ruse

European countries have bailed out Greece for yet another time

But the country must meet certain conditions before they get another dime

So the prime minister says put it up to a country-wide vote

But If Greece decides no, the only way to keep the Euro afloat

Will be to kick out the Mediterranean country from the Euro zone

At least that's what it looked like until a new announcement today

The plan was a political ruse, the Greek people won't have a direct say

So it looks like the Euro will continue, at least for this week

But the once powerful currency is seeming quite meet

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou forced his political opponents' hand by saying the controversial agreement that included strict austerity measures would be subject to a popular referendum. The tactic worked, securing Papandreou a majority in Parliament and he called off the nation-wide vote.



Herman Cain accused of sexual harassment

Herman Cain was once famous for his tax plan

But some recent news put that in the trashcan

Years ago Mr. Cain was accused of harassment most sexual

And in burying these facts he was not able

The women in question cannot legally talk

Due to binding agreements their mouths are on lock

So we don't know exactly what he did

But it sure is not going to help his presidential bid

Accusations surfaced that Cain made sexual advances on women working under him when he was in charge of the National Restaurant Association. The women in question agreed not to talk about the nature of their complaints in return for financial compensation, so what actually occurred remains a mystery.

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