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News In Rhyme

By Anthony Lauriello     11/15/11 6:00pm


Occupy Wall Street protesters expelled in New York City

Occupy Wall Street protested in Zuccotti Park

They sat there during the daylight and in the dark

But after two months Mayor Bloomberg had enough

So he told the police to go in, and to go in tough

"No camping equipment in the park" Bloomberg said

"It's against the rules and laws, go find a real bed"

The lawyers took it to court and the judge ruled

That the city was right and he would not be fooled

So now the so-called voices of the 99% are left adrift

In how best to complain about the income disparity rift

New York City expelled the Occupy Wall Street protesters form Zuccotti Park in a highly orchestrated raid Tuesday night. The protesters have been allowed back into the park, but camping equipment is prohibited, making a prolonged indefinite "occupation" impossible.

Obama's healthcare bill's constitutionality in question

There once was a mandate about health care

A heated and controversial affair

Some said it was immoral and wrong

And the Constitution said it shouldn't belong

So the Supreme Court decided to rule

If the mandate could be legally applied

And they decided to do sooner rather then later

Making the drama of the 2012 election even greater

The Supreme Court has decided to rule on whether Obama's health care bill mandates for health insurance is a violation of the Constitution. The Court will decide during the 2012 election year, giving its ruling an even greater potential political impact. The Court's reserving of five hours for oral arguments, far more than the usual hour, underlines the importance of the case.

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