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Baker 13 runner breaks library window

By Rachel Marcus     11/1/11 7:00pm

Few associate nudity and breaking glass with a Monday night in Fondren, but this Halloween, one of Rice's most famous traditions went rear-first into the school library. While running the Halloween Baker 13 this past Friday, Baker College junior Duncan Eddy broke a window at Fondren Library, apparently with his behind.

When Martel College alumnus Will Meyers, then a sophomore, broke the exact same window three years ago while running the Halloween Baker 13, the cost was cited as $3,000. This year, however, RUPD estimates the cost of the broken pane to be between $15,000 and $35,000.

Not only is the 14 x 7 foot broken window pane expensive to replace, but it also frightened students studying at Fondren.

Sid Richardson College sophomore Molly Cougill was working on the other side of the window when it broke.

"First I was shocked because there were so many naked bodies running by, but then all of a sudden someone jumped up and glass shattered all over our table and backpacks. I was definitely startled. It was awkward because all the naked people just stopped running and stared at us."

According to Wiess College junior Heather Olson, many of the Baker 13 runners were also surprised by the loud noise when the glass broke and were unsure of what happened.

"A bunch of people in the library crowded around in the window and were taking pictures. We heard a loud crack, but I didn't see it at all. Everyone was just really confused."

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