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News In Rhyme

By Anthony Lauriello     9/22/11 7:00pm


Hey there Palestine (to the tune of "Hey there Delilah")

Hey There Palestine

What's it like in New York City

You're a thousand miles away from contested Jerusalem

But you still want a seat on the U.N.

Yes you do

The United States will veto you

I swear its true

Hey there Palestine

Don't you worry about observer status?

The general assembly will vote for you

France even supports a limited plan

It's one year long

The U.S. is isolated and looks internationally alone

Many countries think it's wrong

Oh, they will vote for your seat next week

Oh, they will vote for your seat next week

Vote for your seat next week

Vote for your seat next week

The Palestinian Authority goes to the United Nations to seek status as a sovereign nation. However, in a speech in front of the General Assembly, President Barack Obama has vowed to veto any attempt in the Security Council. Palestine can still seek observer status at the General Assembly, which they are expected to win. Most see this as the most likely outcome though a last minute return to peace talks could avert the diplomatic crisis. In a repudiation of U.S. policy, French president Nicolas Sarkozy has offered a one-year plan to return to peace talks with an immediate vote on observer status. Whatever the outcome, the U.S.'s standing in the Middle East has certainly diminished.



Troy Davis executed

Wednesday night the government killed Troy Davis for a 1989 homicide

Some hoped a last minute Supreme Court decision would force the execution to subside

The majority of the witnesses in the case decided to change their testimony

And there are those who feel the accused is innocent and charged unduly

He was injected with a cocktail that makes one dead

Despite what influential people like the pope have said

Troy Davis was put to death Wednesday in Georgia for a 1989 murder. A lack of physical evidence and changes in witness' testimony have made the case a lighting rod for the death penalty case in the United States and have led to an international movement to have the sentence commuted.

Fed to lower interest rates again

In yet another attempt to get the economy out of the dumps

The Fed is lowering the interest rate hoping to see the GDP jump

They are selling $400 billion of short-term debt

And buying long-term treasuries in yet another bet

Let's hope that this plan works

Because every day another recession lurks

The Fed has decided to try a new method of spurring growth in an attempt to lower interest rates and spur the economy. Many on the left said the plan was not bold enough and those on the right are critical of the Fed's presumptuous power. All seem skeptical that the plan will be enough to help solve our current economic woes.

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