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By Anthony Lauriello     8/20/11 7:00pm



Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll


Ms. Bachman wins victory in the straw poll

A quirky political fair in the town of Ames

And we learn who will be a Reagan and who a Dole.

Doing poorly Pawlenty quits from the political games

But from Texas enters a governor named Perry

He likes to pray and is popular with those who party with tea

But don't forget about the Republican John Kerry

Because counting in Romney makes three

But will any of them be able to challenge Obama

Guess we will have to wait and see


Michelle Bachman won the Ames Straw Poll on August 13 with 28.6 percent of the vote. Despite the unscientific nature of the event, Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the race citing drying up funds and disappointing results. However, the future is far from clear sailing as Governor Rick Perry of Texas entered the race with strong tea party support that mirrors Bachmann's and an impressive penchant for raising money. Mitt Romney is still considered the frontrunner in the race, but nothing is certain as the three "tier one" candidates, as many pundits have called them, continue their battle for a chance to face Obama in the general election.


Source: Wall Street Journal




Worries about European debt crisis drive down stocks


Europeans were known for many things

For good food and the occasional art masterpiece

But nowadays it's large debt and market swings

As more countries look at risk of defaulting just like Greece

The problem with the Euro is that it's a common currency

So if one nation goes down they all do

And this creates incredible and worrisome uncertainty

Forcing global stock markets down the loo.


The Euro Zone's woes continued as fear spread concerning the amount of debt held by many Euro countries. The European Central bank has tried to restore confidence through the purchasing of bonds, but fears that the economic powerhouses of Germany and France, under economic pressures of their own, will not be able to rescue their fellow countries on the continent contributed to declines on global stock exchanges.


Source: New York Times


Riots in England


A couple months ago England saw the marriage royalty

But now in London the most popular couple

Are bricks and shop windows unfortunately

And Scotland Yard has not been helpful

In dealing with the riots on the streets

Comprised mainly of the young

And baffling the Prime Minister and political elite

But it could be that lower government spending has stung

Those victims of the economy who already need jobs

And they have expressed this frustration

In looting and violence instead of sobs

Bringing lawlessness to the Anglican nation.


England continues searching and debating the cause of widespread riots this month that began with protests over the shooting of a man by Scotland Yard. The protests soon turned into violence and looting, at many times carried out by young people. Many theories abound including public dissatisfaction with austerity programs, high unemployment rates, and opportunism by professional gangs and criminals.


Source: National Public Radio

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NEWS 6/5/24 7:37pm
NOD permanently canceled, Rice strips away-decades old campus tradition

After 50 years of decadence, Wiess College’s infamous underwear party is no more.  Born in the early 1970s after a group of Wiess students poured all their alcohol into a bathtub — creating a brew “so potent it removed the varnish” — Night of Decadence has spent years in the national eye. Allegedly recognized as one of Playboy’s top college parties in the nation, NOD has also been subject to mounting scrutiny over alcohol use and an “explicitly dangerous and sexual atmosphere.” Rice has now permanently canceled the public, Dean of Undergraduates Bridget Gorman and Wiess magister Flavio Cunha announced in a message to campus June 5.

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Rice Mutual Aid partners with student organizations to fundraise for Gaza

Rice Mutual Aid launched a fundraising campaign for Gaza on May 13 in partnership with 15 other student organizations at Rice, including Rice Students for Justice in Palestine, Rice Pride, the Hispanic Association for Cultural Enrichment at Rice and the Rice Muslim Student Association. RMA will direct donations towards American Near East Refugee Aid, a non-governmental organization that provides humanitarian aid and emergency relief in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. A day after its launch, the campaign raised over $2,000 according to RMA’s Instagram.


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