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News In Rhyme

By Anthony Lauriello     8/24/11 7:00pm


Earthquake hits near capital 

In the Coasts there are differences between East and West 

From who likes to surf and who likes to sail 

And what rappers they think are best 

And one has Stanford and the other Yale 

But this week one of those differences went away 

Because this Tuesday the Northeast had an earthquake 

Just like Los Angeles or the San Francisco bay 

And both Wall Street and the White House felt the ground shake 

5.8 on Richter's seismographic scale 

But while people missed work no one got hurt 

A moderate earthquake hit the Virgina town of Mineral and could be felt in both Washington D.C. and New York City. No signficant damage or injuries were reported. 

- CNN 

Steve Jobs leaves Apple 

Steve Jobs and Apple go together like peanut butter and jelly 

But sadly he was forced to quit 

Becauce pancreatic cancer made him unhealthy 

And now the company lacks the creator's wit 

Mac's stocks are going down 

As investors worry about what Apple wll do now 

And whether the technology king will lose its crown 

And shareholders one big cash cow. 

Steve Jobs stepped down from Apple this Wedneday. The charismatic founder of the technology company has battled significant health problems due to cancer which many speculate as a probable reason. It is also unclear whether Apple itself will be able to reach the same level of succsess without Jobs at the helm. 

-NY Times 



Libyan Rebels take Tripoli 

The rebels in Libya took the capital of Tripoli 

Thus scoring a big win for the force backed by NATO 

And they took Col. Gadhafi's compound which is key 

But they still have much to do to vanquish their foe 

The dictator still has supporters high and low 

Both in the capital and in towns like Surt

And where Gadhafi is, who knows 

Either way the Western world is alert 

Libyan rebels took some parts of Tripoli ending the months long stalemate in that country. Succsess is a long way off, however, as Col. Gadhafi is still at large and government troops remain in both the capital and country. Even if the rebels can take complete control of their African nation, significant political problems remain. 

- BBC 

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