The candidates for SA external vice president debated and presented their platforms on Friday night before the SA presidential debate in the McMurtry commons.

SA Secretary Brianna Singh said while she is the only candidate who has not served as a senator, she has worked on past projects with senators and understands the legislative process.

“I’d love to continue to expand upon this role as a mentor and a guide for senators,” Singh, a Hanszen College sophomore, said.

Singh said her previous work on projects relating to campus clubs and a campus wide calendar system have prepared her to take on projects as EVP.

Wiess College senator Hannah Todd said she looks to build upon her work surveying students to gauge interest in initiatives surrounding the meal plan, campus lectures and experiential learning opportunities.

“[Student interests] are really what led me to my projects this year,” Todd, a sophomore said.

Sid Richardson College senator Justin Onwenu said he hopes to serve as a bridge between students and faculty.

“I think I can really serve as a liaison, bringing student concerns to faculty and administration, and also making sure students understand these policies,” Onwenu, a sophomore, said.

Onwenu said he is focused on changing the meal plan to meet student’s needs, as well as looking into then efficacy of the honor code and alcohol policy.