A student was threatened and robbed at the Rice Memorial Center on Tuesday afternoon, according to Rice University Police Department Chief Johnny Whitehead.

The student reported withdrawing cash from the ATM at around 2:15 p.m. and entering the Miner Lounge, where the assailant approached him. Initially, the suspect asked for money to buy food. The suspect then implied he had a knife and a gun and robbed $90 from the victim’s wallet when he took it out.

The suspect ran down Lab Road and through the academic quad toward College Way. The victim chased the suspect as he was fleeing and took several photos.

After the robbery, RUPD officers notified the campus community through emergency text and email messages. RUPD has received reports from witnesses following the campus notifications, which Whitehead said will hopefully aid in the investigation.

The suspect is described as a college-age, bald, clean-shaven black male wearing a white tank top, black shorts, white socks and tennis shoes.

According to Chief Whitehead, as of 9 AM Wednesday, RUPD is currently working on a few promising leads.