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Saturday, June 15, 2024 — Houston, TX

Yan Digilov

NEWS 4/15/10 7:00pm

O-Week adviser selection too exclusive

Rice University's approach to welcoming new students with Orientation Week is often cited as a bedrock of our institution's college system and the formation of a unique campus culture. For countless members of our community, myself included, O-Week memories summon feelings of comfort and beginnings of deep friendships. But in the spirit of constant self improvement, I will suggest that one aspect of O-Week is hurting members of this community and limiting the integration of one of the most diverse campuses in the country.

NEWS 3/18/10 7:00pm

Inconsistent enforcement tarnishes image of RUPD

Picture this: You're a freshman in your second semester of college, on the verge of the most exciting week of the school year. To get the festivities started, you throw a kegger the likes of which no freshman has ever imagined, attracting guests from across the university. After hours of drinking and dancing to the wildest 1990s house music your DJ could find, the crowd dies down around 1:30 a.m., and you see a girl from across campus lying in the corner.It's your room, and after seeing your neighbors get sent to the county jail for smoking pot last week, you make the drunken decision that your "tobacco pipe" and rainy day stash could be found if the police enter your room. Just then, your buddy calls you to chill in the other room. You wake up the next morning with a headache, walk back to your room and find that the girl has .

NEWS 3/11/10 6:00pm

Online only: Men lose 15-point first-half lead in season-ending loss to Tulsa

On Wednesday, the Owls let a 15 point halftime lead slip away, and the University of Tulsa eliminated them from the conference tournament. It was a low note to cap off an unexpectedly lackluster season, in which the Owls won only eight games compared to last year's 10 wins.Few could have predicted the 1-15 conference record when a month into the season, Rice had already won half as many games as they had the previous year. But now that the end has come, judgment day has come. What went wrong, and who is to blame?

NEWS 2/25/10 6:00pm

Saturday Sports Update: Owls fall to UCF in nail-biter

Senior Cliff Ghoram stood as Rice's only senior today in the team's final game at Tudor Fieldhouse against the University of Central Florida. He put up 13 points in a nail-biting 66-59 loss. Sophomore Connor Frizelle led both teams with 19 points. The first half showed why they say that basketball is a game of runs. Unfortunately for the Owls, none of their runs could be sustained for long enough to grab a lead. UCF got out to an early 11-4 lead thanks to a medley of errors coming from the home team. Turnovers came from junior Suleiman Braimoh and freshamn Arsalan Kazemi. Freshman Tamir Jackson set the dismal tone of the game with two missed free-throws, and no one could seem to put the ball in the net.

NEWS 2/25/10 6:00pm

Men last in conference

All young teams are plagued with the unwelcome guest of inconsistency, and the men's basketball team has been no exception throughout its 13 conference matches this season. On any given night, its rebounding can be dominant or pathetic, its posts can be unstoppable or asleep and any team member can put up 15 points or put up goose eggs in every statistical category. Yet the one thing that has come in unwaveringly long streaks has been a plethora of losses. And while on any given night the players can point to poor transition defense, lack of concentration or uninspired offense as the culprit, the constancy of losing beckons Head Coach Ben Braun and his staff to find the underlying missing piece of the puzzle.

NEWS 2/18/10 6:00pm

Hard times continue for men's basketball

Times continue to be tough for the men's basketball team, which suffered through a loss to the University of Southern Mississippi last Saturday. The middle of the season has been a surprising disappointment and the team has woefully sunk to repeating the same mistakes week after week."It was a familiar theme," Head Coach Ben Braun said about the 66-50 loss against Southern Miss (15-9, 5-5 Conference USA). "I was disappointed again that we had some opportunities to score on the inside, and we didn't score.

NEWS 2/11/10 6:00pm

Men see silver lining in dealing with top foe

There is always a silver lining when you are your own worst enemy: At the very least, you know your enemy well. That seems to be the case for the men's basketball team, which dropped another big lead to the University of Alabama at Birmingham last Saturday and found itself fighting back to beat Division II Texas A&M International University Monday. The laundry list of issues that has kept Rice (8-15, 1-8 Conference USA) at the bottom of the conference standings touches every aspect of its game.

NEWS 2/4/10 6:00pm

Saturday's Sports Update: Blazers' comeback trumps Owls

Another chance led to another dropped lead for the men's basketball team Saturday afternoon, as Rice (7-15, 1-8 Conference USA) dropped a frustrating 76-65 loss to one of the nation's top teams, University of Alabama- Birmingham. Freshman Arsalan Kazemi led the squad with 15 points and 13 rebounds, followed by senior Cliff Ghoram with and junior Trey Stanton with 12 points each.It was a first half to remember for the Owls. Sophomore guard Lucas Kuipers set the tone early with a three-pointer to start the game, and right off the bat, the home team got back on defense. Holding UAB (19-4, 7-2 C-USA) to 30 percent shooting, Rice's stifling defense produced 13 points off of turnovers in the first half alone.