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Sunday, April 14, 2024 — Houston, TX

Thomas Pickell

A&E 1/16/24 9:34pm

Moody’s new exhibit examines ‘The Foreign in Us’

Hayv Kahraman’s solo exhibit, “The Foreign in Us,” debuted at the Moody Center for the Arts Jan. 12. Consisting of over 40 drawings and paintings, the newest exhibit tackles themes of identity and belonging, framed through Kahraman’s personal experience as a refugee grappling with themes of isolation, migration, colonization and fear.

A&E 1/9/24 11:25pm

Classes to take when you reevaluate being a pre-med

As the spring semester gets up-and-running, many of us will reckon with the consequences of registering for 18 hours of organic chemistry, discrete mathematics or some unholy combination of tedious and unmanageable STEM. While passionate about your major, it can certainly be overwhelming to have such a dense serving, and many people will be looking for a taste breaker.