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Stephanie Jennings

NEWS 5/15/08 7:00pm

BioE professor wins award for photobiology research

The American Society of Photobiology awarded Associate Bioengineering Professor Rebekah Drezek the New Investigator Award in March. Drezek, also an electrical engineering associate professor, was awarded $1,000 and will speak about her research in June at the society's annual meeting in San Francisco. Drezek is the first bioengineer to receive this award.According to its Web site, the American Society of Photobiology gives the New Investigator Award to a young researcher under the age of 36 who has conducted a notable amount of research in photobiology and photomedicine, a discipline of biology that studies applications of light and optics in biology and medicine. The award is also open to researchers who are new to the field. Honorees are nominated anonymously and selected by a committee.

NEWS 5/15/08 7:00pm

Column: Off-campus student needs require redress

During my time at Rice, I was one of "those people." I lived on-campus for one year, moved off-campus for sophomore year and never came back. I went pretty deep OC my junior and senior years. Spending lots of dead time in the Rice Memorial Center during my three years off-campus has taught me one thing: Rice needs better resources for off-campus students. The first thing that can be improved is food options. Food is expensive - I wince every time I see my total at the grocery store - but additional food options on-campus could help to offset this expense. Currently, if you do not have any sort of off-campus meal plan, your options are to pack a meal, eat at 13th Street, Willy's Pub or Sammy's Cafe or convince a friend with a meal plan to steal food for you from the servery. And even if you do have an off-campus meal plan, it is probably somewhat impractical as the meals do not carry over from week to week. While 13th Street is a big improvement over the sub par Subway that formerly occupied the space in the RMC, there are only so many $5 turkey sandwiches and $5.95 sushi boxes one can take. While Rice cannot realistically support multiple fast-food chain restaurants in its student center like the University of Texas does, Rice needs another food alternative aside from current businesses or the slightly frightening frozen food vending machine in the RMC basement.