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Editorial: Looking back on 2017-18 Student Association

(03/21/18 4:04am)

In the spirit of the Student Association’s changeover this week, the Thresher editorial board has filtered through the many resolutions, amendments, task forces and working groups passed this year in search of the most impactful accomplishments and areas that could be improved in the future. Overall, the SA under outgoing President Justin Onwenu has certainly brought up important topics that could set up the incoming executive board to further galvanize the Rice student body.

​Weakness of Course Review Models, not Lack of Student Engagement, to Blame for Poor Course-Specific Feedback

(03/21/18 3:25am)

On March 6, the Thresher editorial board published an editorial discussing the deficiencies in undergraduate course feedback. While the editorial board correctly identifies the need for course review reform, the editorial places too much blame on a lack of student engagement as opposed to the weakness of existing student feedback models.

Veganism: A moral imperative for present and future generations

(03/21/18 3:25am)

Vegan. This word arouses anxiety among many; however, a deeper knowledge of this philosophy leads to truth. While many changes occur in one’s life when embracing veganism, you not only liberate animals but also liberate humans. As a society, we are plagued by speciesism, the repugnant belief that our well-being is more important than that of other sentient beings. This same sort of preferential valuation has also guided the practice of racism and sexism within human society. Whether or not we can emotionally relate to a crab does not matter — there may even be the possibility that we simply do not possess the specific means necessary to communicate with, for example, these crustacea on a deeper emotional level. It is clear that no earthling prefers suffering. This is all the moral guidance we need. Veganism is not simply a diet but a philosophy that is dedicated to health, animal liberation and environmental sustainability.

​Mass shootings must come to an end, and that’s why we must March for Our Lives

(03/21/18 2:23am)

Former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan once said, “No one is born a good citizen; no nation is born a democracy. Rather, both are processes that continue to evolve over a lifetime. Young people must be included from birth. A society that cuts off from its youth severs its lifeline.”

​Bloomgren looking forward to beginning of spring practices

(03/21/18 2:09am)

This week will mark the beginning of a new era for Rice football: Head coach Mike Bloomgren will lead his first practice as a collegiate head coach on Thursday when the football team begins its spring practices. The opening practice was originally scheduled to occur on March 5 but was delayed until after spring break due to the passing of junior defensive end Blain Padgett.

​The Final Kauntdown: Rice baseball no longer among national elite

(03/21/18 2:08am)

Everyone who follows Rice baseball knows the numbers: 23 straight NCAA tournament appearances. Seven College World Series appearances. One national championship. And if anyone doesn’t know them, they can see them as soon as they enter Reckling Park. A flag in left field celebrates the 2003 national champions, and various plaques, trophies and signs celebrate all of the College World Series teams and star players of the past.

​From New York to Texas: How Southern living changed my lifestyle

(03/07/18 6:01am)

“Are you gonna bring a cowboy home?” and “You better invest in some boots!” were just some of the ways my friends and family teased me after I committed to Rice. I knew moving from my New York City suburb to Houston would be a culture change, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. My knowledge of Texas stemmed only from stereotypes of Southern hospitality, fried food and thick accents sprinkled with lots of “y’all”s. Yet, upon my first six months of living at Rice, I found that these were just exaggerations, especially in a diverse, urban city like Houston. However, there are some notable lifestyle differences that have rubbed off on me from living 1,600 miles away from home. I’ll never forget my New York roots, but I can justly say that the South has shaped me in ways that New York could never have. From how I dress to how I talk, here are some of the ways I assimilated to my new Southern life.

Chris Rock’s humor remains rock-solid in ‘Tamborine’

(03/07/18 5:48am)

Chris Rock has been a huge name in comedy for decades now, and his latest standup special suggests he’s capable of staying relevant for years to come. The Netflix exclusive’s unconventionally spelled title alludes to a recurring joke in the show: Relationships are like bands — even if your role is as simple as playing the tambourine, stick to it and play passionately. While Rock admits his failure to be a good bandmate, which led to his divorce, he is as successful as ever as a comedian. In addition to relationships, Rock touches on race, parenting, gun legislation and religion. Effortless transitions make it possible to address this breadth of themes in a one-hour timeframe. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where one subject ends and the next begins because of how seamlessly they succeed one another. Moreover, Rock possesses an alchemic gift for transforming the seriousness of these topics into seriously funny content.