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​Soccer preview: Championship goals for new season

(08/22/18 5:35am)

Junior midfielder Erin Mikeska was nestled in bed, eager to kick off a new soccer season with her team’s spring international trip to Spain. The coaching staff put together the trip to try to help the soccer team move forward after the 2017 season ended in heartbreak in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately for Mikeska, she and her team would have to wait to enjoy their journey.

Soccer’s season begins with disappointing loss to Texas

(08/22/18 5:30am)

Rice’s reigning Conference USA-champion soccer team suffered a tough loss on Friday night against in-state rival University of Texas, Austin. The stands were packed at Holloway Field as the end of Orientation Week brought in many new students to watch the Owls in their season opener. The visiting Longhorns were set to be a stern test for the Owls, opening the season as the No. 17-ranked team in the country. Rice, meanwhile, was not at full strength for the game, with regular starters senior Dominique Mazero and junior Louise Stephens out with injuries.

From the editors’ desk: There’s never been a more important time for journalism

(08/22/18 5:49am)

It is not an easy time to be a journalist. But it is an important time to be one. When we both began writing for the Thresher, we were drawn in by our love of telling stories. We didn’t realize the contentious situations we’d be thrown into, or how we might be inundated with disappointed or even angry comments over a certain decision.

Welcome home: Rice’s most selective class matriculates

(08/22/18 4:23am)

The newest class of Rice Owls, the most selective class in Rice’s history thus far, marched through the Sallyport to complete their matriculation last week. With an admission rate of 11 percent, the undergraduate class of 2022 was selected from an applicant pool that exceeded 20,000 students for the first time in Rice’s history.

​A-plus grade point value reduction goes into effect to counter grade inflation

(08/22/18 4:16am)

Students earning a course grade of A+ will receive a grade point value of only 4.0 starting this semester, rather than 4.33 as in years past. The change comes after a motion passed by the faculty senate on a 12-9 decision in March 2014 to account for grade inequity and inflation.

Summer EDM releases

(08/22/18 5:50am)

In a summer where electronic music seems to be shifting toward pop, there are a few artists whose unique tracks introduce new electronic styles and push the boundaries of the genre. Unlike the artists that use predictable drops or try to wedge Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” into every set, these artists are developing complex subgenres such are hardstyle. Here are a few unique tracks that I highly recommend listening to for anyone looking for new electronic styles.

Editorial: Princeton Review rankings are no excuse for inaction

(08/22/18 3:28am)

Rice is starting this year with numerous high rankings from the Princeton Review, commending the school in categories such as “Lots of Race/Class Interaction” where the university ranked No. 1 and “Best Dorms” where Rice ranked No. 10. We are proud to attend a university that has achieved such rankings, but we also believe these accolades are not a reason to be complacent in categories where Rice has received national recognition.

​Bo Burnham’s “Eighth Grade” portrays anxiety and social stress as a universal experience

(08/22/18 3:18am)

In performance art, passion projects are rarely successful. With so much creative authority consolidated in one person, the final product is generally too much of one thing – too cerebral, too eccentric, too preachy, etc. – to the point of either hindering or debilitating the performance. However, “Eighth Grade,” written and directed by stand-up comedian Bo Burnham, is an incredible exception. The most obvious proof that the movie is a passion project is that it flouts the norms about coming-of-age movies and has an R rating slapped on top of it. For a movie ostensibly about eighth graders and technology’s effects on present-day adolescence, an R rating would seem to literally keep its target audience out of the theater. But adding dark, R-rated scenes into a teen comedy feels perfectly in line with Burnham’s stand-up acts, which regularly see him couching discussions about his crippling anxiety and self-doubt in fun-loving, upbeat comedic songs. (For a taste of what I mean, look up his Kanye rant at the end of his “Make Happy” special. Better yet, watch the whole special.)

Brand-new professor becomes one of the Brown magisters

(08/22/18 3:03am)

B.J. and Shirley Fregly had dreamed of becoming magisters for a long time -- BJ applied to work at Rice three times and Shirley (Brown ‘88) graduated from Rice -- but they never expected it to happen so soon. When they were selected in December as the next Brown College magisters, it was an unexpected, but welcome, surprise.