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Time for change: A 3-step plan to improve Rice football

(09/27/17 4:21am)

As University of Houston went up 31-0 with 7:40 remaining in the first half on Sept. 16, with a buzz from tailgating no longer easing the pain, I left a Rice football game early for the first time in my nearly four years as a Rice student. Given that I worked as a student manager for the team for my first two years at Rice, perhaps that is a biased statistic. While I was Sunday-morning-quarterbacking the game with friends the next day, many voiced their desire for the immediate dismissal of head coach Bailiff.

Letter to the Editor: Thresher fails student body by deciding not to endorse Nyquist

(02/27/17 4:57am)

For the first time in recent history, the Thresher decided not to endorse a candidate in the SA presidential election. Instead, they published a weak excuse for analytical journalism where they declared a “winner” on six different issues discussed during the campaign. Of course, they decided they could not hurt any feelings and had each candidate “win” two issues and then declared a “tie” on two issues. However, when examining the Thresher’s writing, they tacitly admit that Nyquist is the better candidate. Though there are many such examples of their journalistic failure, I will focus on two specifically.