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BROCKHAMPTON delivers a high energy ‘I'll Be There’ performance

(10/10/18 5:49pm)

Ameer? Not here. The “best boyband since One Direction” opened their “I’ll Be There” Houston tour stop by performing some songs from “iridescence,” their first full album without formerly prominent member Ameer Vann. Despite the dismissal of one of BROCKHAMPTON’s main rappers, the Oct. 7 performance of this new album retained the cathartically aggressive yet catchy energy of their earlier performances. 

The Threadsher Exclusive: Top 6 Manscaping Tips

(09/26/18 4:15am)

It’s around the time when the excitement of starting a new school year has worn off, you’re sick and swamped with midterms and papers and your room is a pigsty of clothes, trash and unclean servery plates. Lastly and most unfortunately, you look like a goddamn mess. You haven’t shaved in a week and you’ve been wearing the same outfit, a Rice t-shirt and cargo shorts, to class every day. 

Sid 80’s Top 8 trends

(09/12/18 4:32am)

It’s been nearly 30 years since the end of the 1980s. Most of us planning on attending Sid ’80s never really lived through the ’80s and if you did, you’re probably too old to be going to Rice public parties. However, don’t worry. You don’t need to be going Back to the Future to find out how to dress for Sid 80’s. We’ll tell you everything you need to fit right in!