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​‘Thor: Ragnarok’ salvages weak plot with its humor

(11/08/17 10:30am)

Since its beginning with the release of “Iron Man” in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become the highest-grossing franchise in film history. “Thor: Ragnarok,” the 17th film in the expansive series, mostly stays within the mold of the other successful movies: An entertaining comic adventure that lacks real drama but makes up for it with solid performances, wild action scenes and hilarious banter.

Sequel ‘Blade Runner 2049’ expertly executed

(10/18/17 5:30am)

In the 35 years since its theatrical release, “Blade Runner” has become a cult classic. This story of a detective hunting down four escaped androids (called replicants) in a dystopian future Los Angeles revolutionized the sci-fi genre with both its poignant, heady themes and its neon, lived-in aesthetic. Now, “Blade Runner 2049” returns to the original’s unforgettable world with an enthralling story that builds upon that of its predecessor in epic fashion and immediately cements itself as one of the finest sequels ever made.