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​Women’s basketball topples conference-leading ‘Toppers; UAB awaits

(02/14/18 1:48pm)

The Rice women’s basketball team captured a signature win Saturday at Tudor Fieldhouse when it defeated conference leader Western Kentucky University 73-58. But the Owls have a quick turnaround. Thursday night, they face off against the University of Alabama, Birmingham, which took the Conference USA lead with WKU’s loss. An Owls’ win would put them in a three-way tie in the loss column for first place in C-USA alongside UAB and WKU.

Wayne's World: Rice Thresher baseball preview

(02/14/18 1:19pm)

Twenty-six years ago, the movie “Wayne’s World” debuted in theaters. The day of the premiere, Feb. 14, 1992, Rice baseball lost 9-1 to the University of Texas, Austin to drop new 55-year-old head coach Wayne Graham’s career Division I record to 5-3. While the movie has lost some of its cultural impact over the years, it remains Wayne’s world on the baseball diamond at Rice. Graham enters his 28th season looking to bring the Owls back to the College World Series for the first time in a decade. He will rely on a deep, but largely unproven, pitching staff and an offense led by junior shortstop Ford Proctor and junior catcher Dominic DiCaprio. His Owls will be gunning for their 24th consecutive appearance in the NCAA tournament, a streak that dates back all the way to 1995.

​“The Assassination of Gianni Versace” balances violence and hope

(02/14/18 6:27am)

In each season of the true crime anthology series, “American Crime Story,” Ryan Murphy aims to revisit iconic, infamous acts of injustice that exposed our nation’s deepest-rooted social problems and called into question our sense of morality. For the multi-award winning first season, “The People v. O.J. Simpson,” Murphy used the O.J. Simpson trial to show the bigotry of America’s judicial system. The second season, “The Assassination of Gianni Versace,” focuses on the 1997 murder of fashion-design legend Gianni Versace and how homophobia let the killer, Andrew Cunanan, run free for so long.

​A lonely heart’s Valentine’s Day viewing guide

(02/14/18 6:19am)

You know the drill. Eat at home. Stay away from social media. Yes, us stags and spinsters have learned to deal with the week of Feb. 14. But even the most seasoned among us may have trouble finding things to do in their Postmates-blessed, Instagram-free anniversaries. So let this viewing guide serve those lonely souls who could burn an hour or two on some silver screen entertainment.

​Netflix original ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ squanders its potential

(02/14/18 6:06am)

During Super Bowl LII, Netflix dropped the first trailer for “The Cloverfield Paradox,” the third installment in the fascinating, ever-shifting Cloverfield franchise that began in 2008. In a ground-breaking move, the company released the film only a couple hours later. However, while the movie’s release is revolutionary, the feature itself is anything but; it’s a derivative, dull affair without a coherent story or engaging characters.

​MGMT comes of age with fourth album, “Little Dark Age”

(02/14/18 5:57am)

After MGMT’s successful 2007 debut, “Oracular Spectacular,” which included their most popular songs, “Kids” and “Electric Feel,” their subsequent, more experimental 2010 and 2013 albums departed from their initial sound and never gained much traction. Their latest release deserves a significantly better reception, but “Little Dark Age” still doesn’t shine as brightly as their first hit. Nonetheless, MGMT presents a mature return to pop with some standout songs and meaningful themes.

Ballin’ On A budget: The best makeup products at the drugstore

(02/14/18 5:42am)

Sia once sang, “Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight, I love cheap thrills,” and, while she may have been talking about partying, the same goes for shopping for makeup. Makeup is such a mundane part of so many individuals’ daily routines that we sometimes forget just how pricey it can be; a one fluid-ounce bottle of foundation can run you $50. But when you want to look good on a budget, there exists a magical place that fulfills every makeup lover’s dream: the drugstore. But beware of the low prices, as some products prove to be worth even less. It can be hard to navigate the endless aisles of Maybelline, Loreal, NYX,and many more — how do you know which products will be hits or misses? That’s where I come in. As a makeup artist, I have used products esteemed enough for Kim Kardashian’s makeup routine or fancy enough to carry a $60 price tag. But I’ve also scoured the drugstore, stocking up on products that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Here are my finds for the best deals at the drugstore.

Migos falls flat on ‘Culture II’ album

(02/14/18 4:58am)

Almost exactly a year ago, Atlanta-based rap trio Migos made waves with “Culture,” a collection of incredibly skillful high-energy trap songs. Naming their album “Culture” was a bold move for the previously low-key group, but the album lived up and propelled them to the forefront of the rap scene. Unfortunately, their much-anticipated return with “Culture 2” lacks the potency of “Culture.” It’s nearly two hours long, and the better tracks are insulated with more forgettable ones, muting their power and smothering the album’s momentum.

Editorial: Resolution to create more minors requires more thought

(02/14/18 4:23am)

This past Monday, the Student Association passed a resolution calling on almost every department to create more academic minors. According to the resolution, each academic department, excluding the Schools of Architecture and Music, should determine whether they could create minor versions of their majors. The resolution argued that doing so would provide Rice students with more choices in their academic pursuits, as well as better equip them with marketable degrees for the future.

​Coordinators reject Beer Bike proposals, consider alternatives

(02/14/18 4:10am)

Campuswide Beer Bike coordinators Erica Zhong and Joyce Moon are working on implementing a stricter safety certification process for this year’s race. They said they decided not to implement any of the proposed changes to the tradition this year after colleges’ votes were counted amid debate and an abstention from the Graduate Student Association.

​SA passes resolution supporting vaccine access amid debate

(02/14/18 4:08am)

The measures outlined by the resolution involve a combination of free year-round flu vaccinations at the health center, flu vaccination clinics at locations like residential colleges during flu season, support for students who pay up-front for on-campus vaccinations to be reimbursed by their health insurance and campaigns to educate students on the need for vaccinations. The resolution passed with five abstentions and one opposed.