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Wednesday, December 06, 2023 — Houston, TX

Show you grow: Houston’s best plant stores

Vivian Lang / Thresher

By Margo Gee     10/17/23 11:38pm

Midterms got you seeing red? Go for green instead at these local plant stores.

Eden Plant Co.

Nestled in Second Ward with an additional location at POST, Eden Plant Co. curates a selection of plants that satisfies both the seasoned collector and the total rookie. The space doubles as a coffee shop and serves as a serene study space for those who luck out with parking. Coffee, vibes and plants — what’s not to love?

Personal favorite: lemon lime prayer plant and an iced matcha latte

Buchanan’s Native Plants

A Houston Heights gardening staple since 1986, Buchanan’s Native Plants carries a vast selection of indoor and outdoor plants, focusing on native Texan varieties and organic gardening. They even have signs on the native plants showing insects that are part of its ecosystem. Go to Buchanan’s for a time-honored gardening experience enriched by the knowledgeable staff.

Personal favorite: purple coneflower

Blessings Plants & Music

Stationed right next to the resale block in Montrose, Blessings boasts an enviable collection of vinyl records and houseplants that is perfect for beginner gardeners, since they include a care card with each of your plants. Blessings also stocks an assortment of local magazines.  

Personal favorite: marble queen pothos and “Forbidden Fruit” by Nina Simone

Dirt Bag

Dirt Bag is a cozy stop for more off-the-radar indoor plants, including variegated cultivars of already sought-after indoor rarities. They also have a nice selection of soils so your plants are able to absorb water without drowning or drying out.

Personal favorite: monkey cup pitcher plant

The Plant Project

The first Black woman-owned plant store in Texas finds its home in the Montrose Collective, a luxury development just three miles north of campus. Stocking both plants and goods created by local Black and Brown artists, The Plant Project also boasts a healthy schedule of plant workshops for those looking to get their thumbs green.

Personal favorite: starfish sansevieria

Tall Plants

Supplying Houston with tall plants since 1977, Tall Plants keeps its greenhouse and warehouse well stocked with all the usual indoor plants but specializes in plants measuring four feet or taller, such as Elephant Ears and ZZ plants. Though it’s about eight miles away from campus, Tall Plants is still an interesting stop for those seeking greener skyscrapers.

Personal favorite: the six foot cacti

Another Place in Time

Part antique store, part rare plant nursery, Another Place in Time is a quirky cottage-core fantasy come true with a truly eye-popping selection of rare plants. Tucked quietly away in the Houston Heights, this quiet little shop hosts beautiful tropical flowers, rotating deals on plants and year-round Christmas decor for your perusal.

Personal favorite: staghorn fern


Re-Leaf is a plant rehoming project allowing interested parties to adopt pre-owned office plants at sizable discounts. Their selection varies greatly from week to week, but they consistently stock Sansevieria and Fiddle Leaf Figs. Stop here for more mature plants at formidable discounts and staff that are more than willing to help you keep your plants green.

Personal favorite: white orchid

Brass Tacks

Though it is not primarily a plant store, Brass Tacks’ lush indoor plant selection makes it perfect for all in search of good vibes and green interiors. The plants inside the coffee shop are all available for purchase and make it a cozy place to study and photosynthesize, and the building itself was designed by a Rice-educated architect

Personal favorite: fiddle leaf fig and a Texas affogato

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