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Quirky college traditions to sweeten your week

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By Noah Berz     9/19/23 11:16pm

We all love Radio Free Sid and Baker 13, but are you feeling tired of the same old songs and shaving cream year after year? Here’s a list of lesser-known college traditions that might break up some of the monotony. Grab a snack while you’re at it.

Baked Goods and Bitchin’

Being a Rice student can be tough to handle. Whether it’s stress from exams, extracurriculars or anything in between, there is a universal need to rant about your jam-packed week whilst stuffing your face with brownies. That’s why Sid Richardson College Resident Associate Shannon LaBove started Baked Goods and Bitchin’, a biweekly meeting during which students can munch on LaBove’s fresh baked treats and, well, bitch. 

Dogs and the Doctor

Maybe dessert therapy isn’t for you. Sid still has you covered. On Mondays, Sidizens head to fourth floor commons to watch not one, but two episodes of the acclaimed sci-fi series “Doctor Who” with Sid Richardson RAs Kasey Leigh and Cam Yearty and their two dogs BoBo and Braes. 

Sundae Sundays

Every other Sunday, McMurtry College’s culinary committee hosts a do-it-yourself sundae bar on their fifth floor sun deck. They have a diverse array of flavors, catering to the picky (classic vanilla) and the adventurous (espresso chip and Mexican hot chocolate) alike, plus tons of toppings. Show up with your own reusable bowl and you’ll get three scoops instead of two. However, the event is popular, and they often run out of ice cream before the end of the hour. If you’re not a Murt, maybe hang back for this one unless you’re lucky enough to get an invite.

“We try and keep it to Murts, just from a budget standpoint,” McMurtry President Jackson Hughes said. “But if there [are] friends around, we’re happy to serve them.” 

Milkshake Thirsty Thursdays

What better relief from Houston’s oppressive heat than a cold milkshake? Next time that Southern sun has got you feeling queasy, stop by Duncan College’s 3B suite for a shake of your own creation. The suite’s residents offer shakes in a variety of flavors and mix-ins, as well as consistencies from liquidy to “thicccccccc.” Be sure to ask for the “Dhruv special,” a mystery milkshake originally concocted by Duncan junior Dhruv Patel. According to Duncan sophomore AJ Jacobs, the special is popular among Thirsty Thursday attendees, although “nobody but Dhruv knows what’s in it.”

Wine Wednesdays

Another weekly favorite is Duncan’s Wine Wednesdays, hosted by this  year’s suite 4D. If you’re looking to unwind from an exhausting first half of the week or celebrate getting through Hump Day, Wine Wednesday is perfect. Just don’t expect high class. 

“They set up a charcuterie board but it was American cheese and Ritz crackers still all in the plastic,” Duncan freshman Meara McCarthy said. “The wine was just cheap boxed wine and then they started passing around the bag and then chugging from it, so everyone was dripping wine from their white t-shirts.” 

Mani Mondays

Looking to put your best foot – or hand – forward this week? A manicure is a simple, easy and relaxing way to update your look. Whether you want to try out that new color you were curious about or slather on the old faithful, there’s something for everyone at Duncan suite 3D’s Mani Mondays. 

“They have, like, a shit ton of nail polish,” Jacobs said. “You can just go in there and paint your nails, or they’ll paint your nails for you, it’s really fun.” 

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