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Ranking Rice publics, best to worst

Jennifer Liu / Thresher

By Hugo Gerbich-Pais     4/18/23 10:57pm

While I maintain that the best party a Rice student can attend are University of Houston parties, some of this year’s publics have been bearable — enjoyable, even. A few might even be worth their ticket resale price on the Rice Clothing Resale GroupMe.

1. Night of Decadence, Wiess College

NOD was a blur. I’m left with rose-tinted fragments of a decadent night. Perhaps the highlight of the night, however, was the McDonald’s. At its heart, NOD is about celebrating vulnerability, and nothing does that quite like eating chicken nuggets drunk in your underwear

2. Inferno, Jones College

If hell sounds like Inferno, take me there, please. Inferno was the last public of the year, and what a high note to end on. From the DJ on the knuckle keeping us all entertained in line, to great music inside, Inferno reminded us why being naughty is so fun

3. Sensation, Duncan College

No molly was necessary to have a good time at Sensation. John F. Kennedy chose to go to the moon, and Duncan Socials decided to rave on it. The music was a perfect blend of EDM and pop,meaning even casual listeners could enjoy the songs.

4. Bacchanalia, Brown College

In all fairness to the Brown socials, they did warn us that Bacchanalia was going to be hot. It was sweaty and sloppy, but that has to be a testament to how much everyone was enjoying themselves.

5. Risky Business, Will Rice College

Risky Business is like NOD-lite: good but just missing that gluttonous kick. I loved how easy the theme was to dress for. However, commons could have been decorated better — it looked far too much like Will Rice. 

6. Hanszen Halloween, Hanszen College

I’m a little resentful of Hanszen for this one. Trying to find a Halloween costume in the spring was stressful. Are we supposed to rewear costumes from last year, get this year’s early, or buy a one-off? Does Pavement really need more of my money?

7. Woodstock, Lovett College

Lovett’s merch was immaculate. I wish that attention to design was reflected in decorating the commons. At times, I felt like I was dancing in a school cafeteria. 

8. Architectronica

Architectronica was completely unremarkable. I now understand why Archis constantly complain about having to spend time in Anderson Hall. One evening was enough for me.

9. Y2K, McMurtry College

Y2K socials took it upon themselves to make their public the hardest to get into. Y2K is such a good theme, and I wish some other college got to do it. 

10. Back to Texas & Beer Bike Sundeck, Martel College

I am lumping the Martel parties together because they are essentially the same thing. While the Beer Bike morning was fun, it wasn’t worth the absolute mission that was getting up there. And I, for one, can never forget that I have chosen to go to school in Texas; I don’t like being reminded of it.

11. Sid 80s, Sid Richardson College

I like the idea of a live band. But during Sid 80’s, I wish we just had someone shuffling their Spotify playlist. The 80’s had such good music, and they just missed the classics.

12. Baker Christmas, Baker College

Baker Christmas was giving the Grinch who came early and tried to ruin the holiday season. It was borderline camp. For a college that graces us with Baker 13 twice a month, could they really not come up with a sexier theme?

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