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Saturday, April 20, 2024 — Houston, TX

Spring break plans that’ll save you bucks

Hai-Van Hoang / Thresher

By Sarah Knowlton     2/28/23 11:41pm

The infamous college spring break is (thankfully) nearly here. While these breaks are often associated with lavish and loud trips to the likes of Cancun and Aruba, the Thresher rounded up a few enjoyable ways to spend the upcoming break that won’t shatter your bank.

Pitch a tent

If one of your friends has a cool dad, borrow a tent and go camping. From the deserts of New Mexico to the plains of the panhandle, Houston is pretty close to some of the best camping in the country. Round up your friends, load up the car with plenty of snacks and spend a night or two sleeping under the stars.

Freeload a little

Get your tuition money’s worth by taking advantage of all the free stuff available to Rice students. Houston is home to dozens of renowned museums, galleries and a 55-acre zoo, all of which are free to Rice students. Check out the mineral collection at the Houston Museum of Natural Science or watch the elephants bathe at the Houston Zoo. Just make sure to bring your student ID.

Go for a ride

Newbie Texans and native Houstonians alike may be surprised to learn that Houston is home to its very own Amtrak station. With fares sometimes in the single digits, the Amtrak can be a great form of car-less travel on a budget. Texan destinations like San Antonio and Austin are often the most affordable, but the station also offers trains to Oklahoma, Louisiana, California and more.

Visit Galveston

Sure, the water may be a little bit questionable, but there’s no denying the great spring break vibes that a beach day can have. Put on your cutest swimsuit, make a reservation at Rainforest Cafe and pretend you’re in Cancun for a day.

Take a road trip

As long as you know someone with a car, you have access to some of the most popular destinations in the South for the price of a tank of gas. From New Orleans to Oklahoma City, there are plenty of major cities and tourist traps just a few hours away. Grab your friends, put your Spotify blend on shuffle and hit the road.

Movie marathon

If you’re not planning on leaving campus over break, take advantage of your college’s empty lounges and host a movie night. Hold all your friends hostage to watch the entirety of your favorite film franchise or, if you’re lucky enough to have your crush on campus with you, throw a romantic movie date. 

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