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Tuesday, March 28, 2023 — Houston, TX

‘Secret menu’ drinks you haven’t tried

Genesis Hahn / Thresher

By Artie Throop     2/21/23 10:51pm

Have you been suffering from a drink slump? Have you gotten in line and spent the whole line trying to figure out what you want? Have you asked your friends what they get, trying to find inspiration, only to hear Nutty Bee and Milky Way over and over? If so, here’s a list of drinks you might not have tried to free you from that slump.

The Almond Joy at Chaus

Latte with coconut, almond and chocolate

This Drink of the Month from April 2022 is still a favorite of many, and it could be your new favorite too! It’s perfect for someone looking to branch out from the Milky Way to a new chocolate-bar-themed latte. It’s not overly sweet or too heavy, even when hot. 

Arnold Palmer with lavender at Brochstein

Tea, Lemonade, Lavender

If you love sitting in the central quad, dreaming of summer and listening to Tyler, the Creator, then try this floral fresh drink. I drank half of it in five minutes, and I was transported to a cafe in a seaside town, wearing nautical stripes and cool sunglasses. 

The Witchy Chai at Chaus

Chai with lavender and white chocolate

If you want to feel like an indie main character, this drink is right up your alley. The lavender and white chocolate in this retired KOC of the month drink from October 2021 is perfect for walks around campus and doing ~aesthetic~ homework.

The Old Sid at Chaus

Latte with almond, honey and cinnamon

Do you miss the flavor of cereal on a school morning? Do you wish you were watching cartoons instead of watching lectures? The Old Sid, a Drink of the Month from April 2022, tastes like Honey Bunches of Oats and is perfect for bringing that child-like joy everywhere you go.

Portland Fog at Chaus

Earl gray with milk and rose

This simple twist on the London Fog is perfect for lovers of Taylor Swift and Maggie Rogers. You can wistfully stare out the window with this warm drink in hand, dreaming of actually getting tickets or exacting revenge on Ticketmaster. 

Golden Latte at Audrey’s

Latte with Turmeric

Perfect for the early risers who journal or do morning pages while listening to India.Arie or Samia. This drink gently wakes you up and keeps you going throughout the day. Head over to the Jones Business School to enliven your morning cup of joe. 

Watermelon Lemonade at Brochstein

This lemonade, made with real fruit, is for the person made of sunshine. The sweetness makes this a decadent treat to beat the heat. If you loved Lorde’s “Solar Power” and are already working on your summer playlist, check this drink out. 

Nutella Hot Cocoa at Audrey’s

Hot chocolate with hazelnut and white chocolate

Do you miss Christmas drinks? Are you always trying to find Nutella in the servery? Wishing you were in the snow somewhere much further north than Houston? I can’t make those dreams come true, but Katherine Jeng made this drink so that you could feel closer to those dreams. 

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