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Halloween Costumes to die for

Jennifer Liu / Thresher

By Sarah Knowlton     10/25/22 10:20pm

Are you still looking for a costume for that Halloweekend party? Check out these quick, easy costume ideas that can be created with your own closet (and maybe a little help from Amazon).

Album Art

Dress up as your favorite album cover. Meet some fellow Swifties by going as “Red (Taylor’s Version)”, or make it retro and go as Ziggy Stardust. No matter what you listen to, wear it proudly.

Movie Moment

If you’re more of a film buff, wear an iconic movie outfit. From Holly Golightly’s little black dress to Elle Woods’ hot pink courtroom look, there are decades of memorable shots that also make for great costumes.

Major Slay

Tired of telling people your major during the dreaded party small talk? Let your field of choice inspire your costume. Show off your Shakespeare knowledge as Hamlet or flex your pre-med status as a doctor.


If you have a big group of friends, try having everyone dress as a different decade! Not only is this costume easy to put together (surely someone has the perfect ‘90s-inspired flannel or ‘70s bell bottoms) but it’s a great way to include as many people as possible in your group costume.


Can you execute the Winx Club or the Powerpuff Girls better than the modern television adaptations can? Whether by yourself or with friends, your favorite childhood TV show or movie can be a great costume that can come from your closet. Enjoy the nostalgia and bond with the people that loved the same things back in the day.

Be Bold

If you want to show your school pride, try a costume that only true Owls will understand. Get a pair of wings and go as Sammy the Owl, or track down a bald cap and Be Bald like our favorite presidents.

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