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Wickerson to appoint interim parliamentarian

By Sammi Johnson     1/28/20 10:01pm

After the resignation of both the Student Association Parliamentarian Freddy Cavallaro and Deputy Parliamentarian Emma Donnelly and with elections around the corner, SA president Grace Wickerson has yet to appoint an interim parliamentarian for the remaining few weeks of the term. 

The SA parliamentarian is appointed by the president and is expected to uphold the rules of the constitution and bylaws to make sure that SA members don’t commit any potential violations that could become University Court cases, Wickerson said. 

“We’re focusing on a quick appointment, especially since our elections process begins Feb. 5,” Wickerson said. “That’s when we start having to be aware of rules and regulations around campus, and that is enforced by the director of elections and the parliamentarian.” 

According to Wickerson, a Brown College senior, Cavallaro stepped down from his position due to scheduling conflicts and personal reasons. Usually, the deputy parliamentarian would step in to fill the role for the remainder of the term. However, Wickerson said that Donnelly turned down the opportunity to become parliamentarian and stepped down from her deputy position as well due to scheduling conflicts, leaving both roles vacant. 

Both Donnelly, a Duncan College sophomore, and Cavallaro, a Will Rice College senior, declined to comment for the Thresher. 

Wickerson said that the appointment process for the parliamentarian is not described in the constitution, but the SA president typically appoints the position based on an application or interview process.

To choose an interim parliamentarian, Wickerson said they will not conduct interviews or require applications, but will instead look at past SA members who might be interested and already have an awareness of the SA’s documentation. 

Wickerson said the parliamentarian is essential to run the SA elections held in the spring semester, as they serve on the election committee along with the director of elections. 

With election petitions due Feb. 5, Wickerson will need to appoint an interim parliamentarian by next week at the latest.

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