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Crossword Solutions 2/20

By Carolina Hatanpaa     2/25/19 10:18am


1. Billiards

10. Ollie

11. Duh

12. Go

13. SA

16. Odor

18. Lights Out

20. Eked

21. TS

22. II

25. GDP

27. Astro

30. Horsewhip


1. Bobsleigh

2. Il

3. LLC

4. Li

5. IED

6. A

7. Rd

8. Dugout

9. Shortstop

14. Aikido

15. PhD

16. OSU

17. DO

19. GE

23. Bae

24. Nth

26. PR

28. SW

29. RI

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FEATURES 10/20/20 10:19pm
Alumna Claudia Gee Vassar cultivates Houston’s new botanic garden

Filled with exotic plants, mouth-watering vegetables and natural ecosystems, the Houston Botanic Garden, which opened to the public last month after years of construction, is dedicated to cultivating, preserving and displaying a diverse collection of plants from around the world and from the local environment. Less than 15 minutes from Rice University by car, the botanical garden is the city’s first. And at the helm of the project is Claudia Gee Vassar, president and general counsel of the Houston Botanic Garden — and a Rice University class of 1999 alumna.  


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