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Crossword Solutions 2/20

By Carolina Hatanpaa     2/25/19 10:18am


1. Billiards

10. Ollie

11. Duh

12. Go

13. SA

16. Odor

18. Lights Out

20. Eked

21. TS

22. II

25. GDP

27. Astro

30. Horsewhip


1. Bobsleigh

2. Il

3. LLC

4. Li

5. IED

6. A

7. Rd

8. Dugout

9. Shortstop

14. Aikido

15. PhD

16. OSU

17. DO

19. GE

23. Bae

24. Nth

26. PR

28. SW

29. RI

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“[Rice] was a very active community leader, a wealthy community leader who preserved and grew slavery in Houston. There’s no mincing words, it’s very clear that he did that,“ said Andrew Maust (Brown College ‘19), who wrote a research paper on William Marsh Rice’s involvement with slavery.

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Early last month, three Rice students launched Rice for Biden, a group supporting Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign for president. Harry Golen, one of the creators of Rice for Biden, said that one of the organization’s posts on Facebook reached over 4,300 people within the first week, including Rice students, alumni and staff members. Not all responses were supportive, however. A few hours after Rice for Biden launched its social media pages, another page appeared on Instagram: Rice Against Biden (@riceagainstbiden). 


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