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Solutions to crossword for 4/11


By Isaac Schultz     4/11/18 3:18am

1KOALATree-hugging marsupial1KOCHRight wing bros.
6PPMMetric for measuring carbon dioxide2OZA city greener than any on Earth
9OZONEVulnerable layer3AORTAMajor artery
10AACommon battery type4LNLog's cousin
11CCarbon, on the periodic table5AEROAir, in Latin terms
12RThe bane of new statisticians6PPhosphorus, on the periodic table
13RALLYTo come back from behind7PALIn company context, Pay's best friend?
16HOTWhat the Earth is getting (according to science)8MAYDAYA holiday and a call for help
18ORERock with extractable materials14ARPokémon GO, for example
19DWhen doubled, shorthand for a tabletop game15LEFTPolitical proponents of Obama policies
20IAHH-town hub17OILRIGOffshore climate changers
22FAAInstitution of 20 and 34 across21HESSCorporation popularized by children's truck
24CLChlorine, on the periodic table24COALA contributer to 6-across' rise
25EARTHYOf the land26AThis is ___ clunky crossword design
28ORCSMiddle Earth minions27RAREHow one's meat might be cooked
29ALarger version of 10 across32APAbove-average curriculum, for short
30AITech of the future33WANorthwestern state, in a postal code
31STRAWSAmericans throw out 500 million every day
34LGANYC hub
35EPAGovt. entity slowing being destroyed by Scott Pruitt

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