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Saturday, April 01, 2023 — Houston, TX

Delicious desserts at new Tinys location


By Lauren Heller     2/1/17 6:41pm

A new restaurant joined predecessors Tinys Boxwoods and Tinys No. 5 in November, completely centered around the chain’s famous chocolate chip cookie rather than brunch. Tinys Milk and Cookies is a window on the side of the entrance to Tinys No. 5 that sells baked goods, ice cream and drinks like juice and coffee.

Before even taking the food into account, the aesthetics of this shop are cute enough to post on social media and worth the visit. There’s even a wall painted in a white and faded-blue color scheme with the Tinys Milk and Cookies logo that is the perfect background for an Instagram post.

Two handwritten chalk boards flanking the windows inform the customers of the ice cream flavors and house favorites that Tinys offers, while the view through the windows show what specific baked goods are still available. The service from behind the counter is nice and friendly, and allow for shoppers to sample the different ice creams and customize their order.

One ice cream flavor that struck my fancy was honey lavender (among others such as roasted banana, salted caramel and milk and cookies). The ice cream was incredibly smooth with pops of lavender that would stand out from the more subtle honey notes. However, I decided this flavor was a bit too strong for an entire scoop, so I opted for a scoop of strawberry jam ice cream to fill my ice cream sandwich.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing tiny about the ice cream sandwich you’ll get from Tinys Milk and Cookies, starting with the price. I’m not sure how two cookies and a scoop of ice cream can be so expensive unless they’re plated with gold, but my order ended up costing $9.74 after tax. I think there’s a reason that the chalkboards don’t include prices for literally anything on the menu.

The ice cream sandwich itself was massive. The ice cream scoop was the size of a tennis ball and the cookies were thick. As a result, this made for a decadent and extremely filling dessert, so filling that my friend and I weren’t actually able to finish our sandwiches. That said, every bite was delicious. The cookies were moist and warm enough for the chocolate chips to melt into the ice cream. The ice cream was a great rendition of a classic flavor as it included frozen strawberry slices that contrasted nicely with the creamy texture.

However, I think ordering just a scoop of ice cream with a cookie on the side would have several advantages over an ice cream sandwich. For starters, it would be cheaper . It would also be less filling (so it could actually be finished, unlike the sandwich) and a lot less messy to eat.

Finally, there’s good news if you want something to bring home. Tinys Milk and Cookies also sells frozen chocolate cookie dough by the dozen. Say goodbye to your New Year’s resolution and budget for the month!

P.S. One word of advice: While this place is adorable (albeit expensive), I would not recommend it as a first-date spot if you are going to order an ice cream sandwich. It is impossible to eat without getting ice cream and chocolate smudges all over your face. Unless, of course, you think your date would be into that.

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