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SA Meeting Minutes

2/26/14 9:58am

The following were noted at the meeting of the Student Association on Feb. 24.

The following were noted at the meeting of the Student Association on Feb. 24.

  • SA Executive Vice President Ravi Sheth announced that McMurtry President Mason Sanders, Wiess President Bernard Miller, Sid Richardson President Caitlin Devereaux, Lovett President Danny Cohen, Duncan President Jeremy Scher, Hanszen Senator Gabrien Clark, Martel Senator Rachel Sterling, and Lovett Senator Christian Neal have been removed from their office in the Senate due to violations of attendance policy.
  • Andrus announced that the acting Elections Committee Parliamentarian has left the position and nominated Zach Birenbaum, who served on the Constitutional Committee. He also asked to reapprove the current members of the Elections committee. The motions passed.
  • The SA Wellbeing Working Group presented before the senate. They made the following recommendations: a Medical Leave Liaison to guide students through the medical leave and readmission process, a Sexual Violence Liaison to serve as an additional resource for students on campus, the pursuance of the Jed and Clinton Foundation Campus Programs Seal for Mental Health to promote emotional health and prevent suicide among students, the expanded promotion of Rice Disability Services directly to students - specifically during Orientation Week, the creation of training videos on Owlspace for Masters and RAs seeking additional education on mental health, and the creation of a standing “Wellbeing” Committee to represent the interests of relevant student groups and organizations and collaborate campus-wide on initiatives to better policies and resources across campus.
  • Jones Senator Clinton Willbanks said there will be a bill introduced in a few weeks to establish a Future Alumni Committee to increase interaction between alumni and students. He said this is intended to create an avenue more conducive to programming access to alumni than what the current Senior Committee accomplishes. Feedback on the proposal is appreciated.
  • Jones College seceded from SA with a battle cry of victory.
  • The new General Election ballot passed with quorum.


The SA will next meet Monday, Mar. 11 in Willy’s Pub at 8:30 p.m.

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